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Chapter 5: Freedom and Love: The Center and the Circumference

I am not teaching anything here, I am taking away many things from you. The work is negative: it is not giving anything to you but taking many things away from you, so that only your natural being is left behind. That cannot be taken away. Only that which has been given to you can be taken away; that which you have brought with your birth is intrinsic to you, it cannot be taken away.

The master leaves you utterly naked, and in that nakedness is beauty, in that nakedness is truth, in that nakedness is freedom. In that nakedness is love and bliss, and all that for which the heart longs, and all that can make your life significant and meaningful.

You say: “I am very grateful. I came here very hungry and you are feeding me.” That is far better than calling what I am doing a teaching. It is closer to the truth, it is more approximately true. It is a feast! I am sharing my being with you, not any teaching.

Your question is: “I have been raised to believe.” That’s the whole problem of all human beings: everybody is raised to believe in something. No parents are yet capable of loving their children so much that they can leave them without conditioning them. They talk about love, but it is all false. They themselves may not be aware of it, it is true - they may not know what they are doing, they are unconscious. Their parents have done something to them, they are doing the same to their children. People go on giving things to people that have been given to them. Their intentions may be good, but they don’t have enough awareness. They are not alert, so they go on giving you beliefs.

In a better world no parent will give you any beliefs. Certainly he will give you courage to inquire, courage to adventure. He will sharpen your intelligence, so that when you come across a lie you can see it and when you come across a truth you can immediately recognize it, but he will not give you any beliefs. No parent, if he loves the child, can give beliefs because beliefs are poisonous. They destroy your intelligence, they destroy your courage, and they create prejudices in you.

The whole of humanity is full of prejudices - that’s why we are suffering so much. There is no need for so much suffering, for so much darkness. The only reason this suffering exists is very simple: it is because everybody is so stuffed with beliefs and everybody is looking through those beliefs, not directly.

And whenever you start looking through beliefs you cannot see the real. Eyes have to be utterly empty to see the real. Ears have to be totally empty to hear the real, to hear the truth. If you are already preoccupied, possessed by certain ideas, then those ideas function as barriers.

A matchmaker proposed a beautiful young girl to a businessman client as a possible bride. The client was reluctant to pursue the matter because he didn’t possess, in his opinion, enough money for such an attractive girl.

“Oh, you needn’t worry about that,” assured the matchmaker. “You’ll never have to support any of her family - the girl is an orphan.”

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