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Chapter 30: Allow Faith to Happen

Why do you fall in love? What are the reasons? No mathematics is involved, no logic. You need not be an Aristotle to fall in love. To be Majnu is enough. When you fall in love what has happened? You have felt something. You have felt something so deeply that your total personality is involved in it, not only your head. Your body, your heart, your soul, everything is involved in it - your totality. This involvement is not something that can be calculated by you. It has happened to you. It is a happening; it is not a doing on your part.

Faith is just like love, with one difference. In love, you are on an equal level, on the same level. Faith is love with a person who is higher than you. It is love with reverence - something deeper than love, higher than love, but love is there.

Those who gathered around Buddha were in love, in deep love with the man. Not only in love: reverence was there also. Love plus reverence is equal to faith.

Faith is something that one should not miss. Belief is just ordinary. It is good not to get involved in beliefs, because they make you a Hindu, a Mohammedan, a Christian. They make you divided; they make a conflict of the whole earth. Beliefs create fight, struggle, wars. Belief divides. It is good not to have beliefs, but to have faith is a deep experience. Faith will not divide you with anyone, it will unite you with someone. Belief will not unite you with anyone, it will simply divide you with everyone. Ideas, ideology is divisive. Faith is unitive.

Have faith. That means, be ready to fall in love with someone, with deep reverence. And then, surrender. What is surrender? - surrender is to be ready for faith. Surrender means to be yielding, to allow faith to happen. Surrender means to be receptive, to be unguarded, to be vulnerable, open.

If you come in contact with a buddha, with a master, yield to him. Don’t resist him because you are resisting yourself, you are fighting against yourself. If you resist a master you are not allowing him to work; you are not helping him to help you. You are creating problems, unnecessary anxieties, unnecessary barriers. You already have too much nonsense; don’t create more barriers. The master will have to do much work upon you as you are, even if you have surrendered. If you are non-surrendering, you are creating unnecessary troubles and it will become impossible to help you: you would be against yourself.

Surrender means: don’t be against yourself. Yield, allow, cooperate, so that something can be done and you can be transformed.

The master, the guru, is a person with whom you are in deep love and faith and reverence. It is not just a relationship, it is a deep creativity. He can create you, he can transform you, he can give you a new birth. But you will have to be ready to pass through many things. Many unknown paths will have to be traveled, many unknown doors will have to be passed through, many unknown locks will have to be opened. If you are not in a deep surrender you will not move into this unknown territory, you will resist. You need a deep trust so that when the master moves into the unknown you can follow him like a shadow.

Surrender means a deep yes-attitude to the master. Never say no because if you say no, you have taken yourself in your own hands. If you say yes, you are in his hands.

I will tell you an anecdote:

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