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Chapter 7: Doing Is Going to Be Your Undoing

This breaks the whole history of the past, and makes the future discontinuous with it. Masters should be friends, disciples should be fellow travelers. Hand in hand, singing and dancing, they should move towards the real, the true, the beautiful.

Naturally, great reverence will arise in you, great humbleness will arise in you. But this is going to be authentic, not out of a personality split against itself; it will come out of your wholeness. And whenever anything comes out of your wholeness, it has a grace, a beauty, a splendor of its own. And that’s what I want to happen here.

I want to help you become what you are. I have no designs for you, no disciplines for you.

I will explain to you my consciousness and how consciousness dispels all darkness; and with that darkness, anger and hate, sexuality and jealousy, all disappear. But this I am going to do as your friend, hand in hand.

Perhaps for the first time in history, a disciple will love his master because the master is no longer pretending to be the master, and he is no longer forcing the disciple to be the disciple.

Recently I heard you say that we have to fight our fears. I don’t believe you. For years I tried to fight my fears and they became bigger and stronger. Now, if fear comes up, I go into it totally defenseless, stay with it and go through with it without doing anything - not even judging the situation. I’ve realized that fear is a tremendous energy, and sometimes I even enjoy this energy - like diving from the three-meter board into Krishnamurti Lake. Can you speak about fighting fear and facing fear?

It is good that you don’t believe in me. I am relieved, because if you believe in me, sooner or later you will take revenge. But if the thing had stopped there - that you don’t believe in me - everything would have been perfectly good.

You say, I have said fight fear. I cannot conceive myself saying that, ever. Fight is not my teaching. You must have heard something which has not been said. In fact, what you are doing is what I have been teaching: face fear, encounter it, be a witness to it. That’s the only way to overcome, and not only to overcome but to release all the energy that is hidden in fear, for better purposes, for more creative things.

Everything has energy: fear, anger, jealousy, hate. You are unaware of the fact that all these things are wasting your life. Your energy is leaking from so many holes. This way you are going to become, sooner or later, bankrupt. In fact, most people become bankrupt by the age of thirty. After that there is nothing. It is posthumous life, dragging on somehow towards the grave.

It is good that you have tried to face your fear. Do the same with anger, do the same with jealousy, do the same with hatred.

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