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Chapter 31: Either You Know or You Don’t Know

Okay. We’ll start right now, okay? Osho, you are an enlightened one. You have been in this country for some four years, during which time Sheela has been in charge. Your people have been very hostile - or so would it would seem to the people of Oregon - they came in and took over the town of Antelope.
Citizens throughout the state have been offended. Sheela has called anyone who opposed the commune a fascist and a bigot, and what I’d like to know now is how can you now tell us and make us believe that you did not know what Sheela was doing and saying? I mean, after all, you did read the papers, you watch television, you listen to the radio - the outside media has been reporting on this for four years, and now you come to us and you say to us that you just found out about this over the last few days.

Just keep your questions short.

First, I do not listen to radio, I do not see television. For five years I have not read any book, any magazine, any newspaper. So I do not know anything about the world and particularly the three and a half years when I was silent, I was in isolation. Sheela was my only connection with the world, so whatsoever she said, that’s all that I knew.

I’m sorry - I didn’t quite understand. Whatever she said - is that what you’re saying?

That’s all I knew.

That’s all you knew. Alright.

So she said only whatsoever she wanted me to know; whatever she didn’t want me to know, she never said. And I am not a suspicious type of person. I trust people, I respect people. When somebody says something, I believe it. That’s why she could manage to do many criminal acts in those three and a half years, and I was not aware of them at all.

Since I started speaking again, she was in a difficulty, because whatsoever she was doing goes absolutely against my teaching. My teaching is to doubt everything.

Are you saying doubt?

Yes. Unless you come to realize something indubitable. My teaching is not a belief system; it is not Christianity, it is not Mohammedanism, it is not Hinduism. It is not a religion which forces everybody to believe in a God you don’t know, to believe in a heaven, in a hell you don’t know. My insistence is either you know or you don’t know - there is no third position. And Sheela has been in this gap, insisting that people believe in her, not doubt - to doubt is negativity, surrender to her totally. She was presenting to people that this is my message.

So when I started speaking she started feeling uncomfortable, naturally. When I started speaking I became available to my people.

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