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Chapter 6: No Belief, No Disbelief

And secondly, how can somebody go to heaven while still alive in his body? The body has to be left here, the body is a thing of the earth. Mohammed cannot go to heaven in his body. Everybody laughs at the idea. Christians, Jainas and Hindus all laugh, but Mohammedans say, “Believe it! If you don’t believe it then you will go to hell. You will be forced to rot in hell, you will suffer in hell. You will have to accept this. If you do not accept it, if you do not agree with Mohammed’s words, then know well that you will get into great difficulty - because there is only one God in the world and Mohammed is his prophet.”

Man is under a threat to believe, so he accepts that what he is told may be right. Jainas laugh at Moham-medans and Christians, but they themselves say that Mahavira was conceived in a brahmin woman’s womb. And how can a Jaina tirthankara be born in a brahmin family? The real and the highest is the kshatriya caste, the warrior cast, so tirthankaras are always born in kshatriya families; they cannot be born in brahmin houses. Brahmins are beggars - how could a tirthan-kara have been born in such a house? So Mahavira was conceived in a brahmin woman’s womb, but when the gods saw that this was going to be a great mistake - ”How can a tirthankara be born in a brahmin family?” - they immediately removed the embryo and placed it in the womb of a kshatriya woman, and they took out the female embryo from the kshatriya woman’s womb and put it in the brahmin woman’s womb.

People all over the world laugh at all these things - they are very funny! First of all, what have gods to do with changing the embryo in somebody’s womb? How can this happen? The whole world laughs, but then Jainas become angry. They say, “You can laugh at this, but you don’t know what our tirthankara has said, and whatever has been said by our tirthankara is absolutely true. Whosoever does not believe this will suffer in hell. If you do not believe it we are not concerned, you can suffer!”

Man is asked to believe many things by many people. There was a time when he did not know everyone’s beliefs. People were living in their own circles: they only knew things within their own circle so there was not so much confusion. Now the world has become very small and everybody knows everyone else’s beliefs, so man’s confusion has reached a point of absolute madness! Now it is beyond his understanding what all this noise is about, what it is that people are trying to convince him about.

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