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Chapter 13: What Is the Question?

The Buddhist never asks the question, “What is God, where is God?” because Buddhism does not believe in God - so the child has been conditioned.. When you ask about God you think that it is your question - it is not. You may have been born in a Hindu family, in a Christian family, in a Jewish family, and they have conditioned your mind that there is a God. They have given a certain image of God, certain ideas about God. And they have created you with such fear that to doubt is dangerous.

A small, tiny kid is being made afraid of the eternal hell where you will be thrown into fire, alive, and you will burn but you will not die. Naturally the doubt does not seem to be so significant to take such risk. And you are motivated that if you believe, simply believe, all pleasures, all joys of life are yours. Believe, and you are on the side of God; doubt, and you are on the side of the Devil.

The small child is bound to buy whatsoever crap you are giving him. He is afraid. He is afraid to be alone in the night, in the house, and you are talking about eternal hell: “You go on falling and falling into darkness and deeper darkness, and there is no end to it, and you can never come out of it.” Naturally the child simply shrinks from doubting, becomes so afraid that it is not worth it. And belief is so simple. Nothing is expected of you: just to believe in God, the Son, the Holy Ghost; just to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and the messiah, and he has come to redeem the whole of humanity.and he will redeem you too.

Why not be redeemed so cheaply? You are not asked much. Just believe, and everything will be settled in your favor. So why should you choose doubt? You should naturally choose belief. And this happens at such a small age - and then you go on growing, and the belief and the conditioning and the ideas and the philosophy all go on top of it - that it is very difficult to dig and find out that there was a day when you were also full of doubt. But the doubt has been crushed, put out of sight. There was a day when you were reluctant to believe, but you have been persuaded. All kinds of rewards have been placed before you.

You can persuade a little child just by giving him a toy - and you have given him the whole paradise. If you have succeeded in persuading him to believe, you have not done a great miracle. It is very simple exploitation. Perhaps you are doing it unknowingly; you have also been passed through the same process. And once you close the doors of doubt you have closed the doors of reason, thinking, asking, inquiring. You are no more a human being, really. The doors of doubt closed.you are just a zombie - hypnotized, conditioned, persuaded out of fear, out of greed, to believe in things which no normal child is going to believe in unless all these things are arranged. And once you stop doubting and thinking, then you can believe anything whatsoever. Then there is no question.

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