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Chapter 26: You Have Your Problem - I’m Going Home

One is about George Bernard Shaw. He is traveling in a train from London to some place and the ticket checker comes. Bernard Shaw looks into everything, opens this suitcase, that suitcase, all the pockets, and the ticket is missing. He starts perspiring and looks very much afraid and concerned.

The ticket checker says, “I know you; everybody knows you. The ticket must be somewhere; there is no problem. You will find it. Don’t get so nervous and excited in your old age” - he was ninety.

The ticket checker said, “I will not disturb you, I am going. You just relax.”

George Bernard Shaw said, “You don’t understand. It is not the question of the ticket. Who is bothering about the ticket? The question is where am I going? Can you tell me where I am going? Without the ticket.now I have got into a tangle. I am not searching for the ticket for you - I don’t care about you or anybody. But the problem is: Where am I going?”

The ticket checker said, “My God, that is impossible for me to figure out where you are going. Now I can understand why you are feeling so nervous. Your hands are trembling.”

The second anecdote is about Mulla Nasruddin in the same situation as George Bernard Shaw. The ticket checker is asking for the ticket and he is looking everywhere. Other passengers are puzzled that he looks into every pocket but he leaves one pocket. He does not touch that one.

Finally, the ticket checker said, “You have looked everywhere but you don’t look into this pocket.”

He said, “Don’t talk about that pocket. That’s my only hope and I don’t want to destroy that hope. If it is not there I’m finished. Then it is nowhere else. So I cannot open that way. I will look everywhere possible.”

He had thrown all the clothes and everything out of the suitcases. The ticket checker was at a loss, the passengers were at a loss. But Mulla was absolutely reluctant, “Whatever happens, I am not going to touch that pocket. That I will leave because at least there is a hope that perhaps the ticket is there. If the ticket is not there then I am completely finished.”

The problem is the same: I don’t know where I am going. So as far as the world is concerned, you are Satyadharma - and there are two Satyadharmas here. Remember, you are not the other one. To make it clear, the other one is German; so don’t get mixed.

Just as you call me beloved master, beloved mystery, I call you beloved disciple, beloved mystery. Behind Swami Satyadharma everything is a mystery. Satyadharma is just a facade for the outside world, just a utilitarian identity; it is not your reality; but behind it is a mysterious being. You are becoming aware of gifts of existence, of mysteries. Something is happening through it; just allow it.

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