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Chapter 9: I Teach a Religionless Religion

He created the world, just whimsically; there was no reason to create it. No religion has been able to answer why he created the world in the first place. And this world: ugly, nauseous, disgusting, this humanity which religions go on proclaiming to be the highest peak of God’s creation, that God created man in his own image. What can be higher than that? And what has man been doing? In three thousand years, five thousand wars! The whole of history is a history of murder, rape, crime - and murder, rape and crime in the name of God. Millions of people have been killed, burned alive in the name of God.

And God created man in his own image. So you can think something about God too, just a little inference that if this is the image, then what will be the real thing? If Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini and Mao Zedong are only carbon copies, then what will be the original? It is going to be terrible!

If God created this world, man and everything, it should show signs of divinity, signatures of God, but they are completely missing. If he cannot read and write, he can at least make a thumbprint. There seems to be no signature anywhere. It seems more probable that it was created by the Devil rather than by God, because ninety-nine percent of proof is for the Devil, not for God.

With God you cannot create religion, for the simple reason that God has already created the Bible for the Christians, the Torah for the Jews, the Vedas for the Hindus. He has created them already; he has given you ready-made religions. He has not allowed you to seek and search and find.

And there is something of immense importance about truth: unless you find it, it never becomes truth to you. If it is somebody else’s truth and you borrow it, in that very borrowing it is no longer true; it has become a lie. This is one of the reasons why the great mystics of the world have been saying again and again that truth is inexpressible, because the moment you express it, in the very process of expression it becomes a lie. All your holy scriptures are full of lies.

God has not given you the chance to discover religion, he has given you ready-made religion; and he does not allow you even to question, to doubt - that is a great sin. There are all kinds of stupidities in your religious scriptures, but you have to believe in them totally.

A man like Bertrand Russell became very puzzled, for the simple reason that there are things which anybody who has a little intelligence cannot trust - but to doubt makes you a sinner; you start feeling guilty. Finally he wrote a book: Why I am not a Christian, and collected all the points that hindered him from becoming a Christian. For example: the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. It is so unscientific that to believe it is to destroy all your intelligence. To have faith in such an idea is suicidal; you are destroying yourself, and what are you gaining? A stupid idea - virgin birth!

If Bertrand Russell could not believe in it, we cannot blame him. It was the Bible that prevented a man who could have been religious. Russell asked, “Why in the trinity is there not a woman included? God the father, God the son, and the Holy Ghost - what kind of family is this? This holy family seems to be very idiotic. Why could they not put a woman in it? - because all the religions have been against women. To put a woman into the trinity, in the highest position of power, was impossible for them; hence they had to put the Holy Ghost.

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