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Chapter 1: The Grand Rebellion

Freedom brings many fruits, and many flowers, and many gifts to you. The death of God is not something to be sorry and sad for. It is something to rejoice, something to dance, something to celebrate. At last man is free from guilt, man is free from a constant judgmental eye from the sky.

It is strange that The Holy Bible says, “Judge ye not,” but God does only one thing, judge. And they have also determined a day called The Judgment Day. To man it is said, “Judge ye not” - and God is continuously judging, and is going to judge finally at The Judgment Day. What kind of contradiction.?

Just today I have received a letter from a few Christians saying that the Bible says, “Judge ye not.” But I am not a Christian, and I don’t have any obligation to follow the Bible. I am not a Hindu.I am not a person who belongs to any religion, so I don’t have any obligation to follow The Holy Bible or holy Koran, or holy Bhagavadgita. All holy scriptures as I have looked into them, are absolutely unholy.

These four or five Christians who have written a letter to me want me not to judge Christians or Catholics, because the Bible says, “Judge ye not” - and they are judging me! And their Bible says, “Judge ye not.” I am not a Christian so I have no obligation to follow the Bible. They are Christians, they should not judge me. I am free to judge, and I am free to judge everybody because I don’t have any prejudice against anybody. I don’t belong to any organization, to any system of beliefs. A God who teaches people, “Judge ye not,” himself goes on judging - and you don’t see the contradiction?

Jesus says, “God is love,” but there seems to be no love flowing from the skies to humanity. In three thousand years we have fought five thousand wars. What kind of God is there who allows Genghis Khan to be born? Tamerlane to be born? Nadirshah to be born? These three generations of one family killed one hundred million people, and they were never defeated.

What kind of God allows President Truman to drop atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What kind of God is allowing all the stupid politicians of the world to pile up nuclear weapons which will only prove to be a global death?

But as I told you, God is a sadist. He enjoys when you are suffering. He enjoys when you are in pain. He enjoys when you are poor. He enjoys when you are starving to death. His enjoyment is simply sick!

The word sadism comes from a French count, de Sade; he used to torture women. He was a super-rich man, a count, and had a vast territory under his control. So any beautiful woman would be dragged to his torture chamber. You all have love chambers; he had a torture chamber - that was his love chamber. And as the woman entered she could not believe what was going to happen because all over the walls were hanging different kinds of instruments of torture. He also used to carry a box, a portable torture chamber - because who knows? He may find a woman in a hotel room and he may not have his instruments.

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