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Chapter 8: A New Phase

You have to be scientific. To approach the world, the objective world, rightly, the only way is science. If the Bible says that the earth is not round but flat, don’t believe in it - be scientific. The earth is round and not flat. The Bible has no right to say anything about something objective. The Bible is a religious book; it has its own dimension. Don’t confuse these dimensions.

Because of this confusion there has arisen a great conflict between science and religion. There is no need at all. Science has its own realm, its own territory. First the priests started interfering with science; now, the whole story is again being repeated in the opposite order. Now scientists are trying to interfere in the world of religion.

Don’t ask a scientist whether godliness exists or not - that is none of his business. What does he know about godliness? That is not his dimension. And whatsoever he says about godliness is stupid; whatsoever he says is going to be wrong.

It is like asking a great doctor about poetry - he may be a great doctor, a great physician, but asking him about poetry just because he is a great physician is foolish. Or asking a great poet about your illness because he is a great poet; you can see the stupidity of it. You will not go to a great poet to be diagnosed just because he is a great poet. You will go to a doctor - he may not be a poet at all.

The scientist has no right to say anything about the interiority of humanity - that is not his world. But now he is interfering. He is doing the same wrong that the priests have been doing for centuries.

Galileo was called by the pope, forced in his old age to apologize because he had said that it was not the sun that goes round the earth, but the earth that goes round the sun. Now, it is against the Bible. The priests were very much annoyed: “How can you deny the Bible? Who are you?” In his old age - he was seventy, ill, bed-ridden - he was forced to go to the court, he was forced to kneel down before the pope, and he was asked to apologize.

He must have been a man of humor, he must have had a great sense of humor. He said, “Yes, sir, I apologize. I declare that the Bible is right, that the earth does not go round the sun but the sun goes round the earth. Are you satisfied, sir?”

And they were all happy. They said, “We are satisfied.”

And then Galileo laughed. He said, “But whatsoever I say, it makes no difference - the earth goes round the sun. My statements, what do they mean? What can they do? What can I do? My saying it won’t help - the earth won’t listen. But I apologize, I am wrong and the Bible is right. But remember well: the earth goes round the sun - it has no obligation to fulfill my desire. I would like it to go according to the Bible and according to you, but I am helpless, utterly helpless.”

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