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Chapter 6: Here, Too, Are the Gods

Truth is subjectivity, so how can you get it from anybody else, from scriptures, from vedas, korans and bibles? No, Jesus is not of much help, neither is Buddha. You have to go through it, there is no shortcut. You have to travel, suffer. Many times you will fall, many times you will err, many times you will go astray - that’s how it is. Come back again and again; start the search again and again. Many times the path is lost. Many times you move in a circle, you come back to the same point again and again. There seems to be no progress - but go on searching. Go on searching and don’t feel hopeless and dejected. Keep the hope: that is the quality of a seeker.

A seeker trusts, he hopes; he can wait, he can wait infinitely. He has patience and he goes on seeking. Not that every step leads to the goal, sometimes he is moving in just the opposite direction. But even moving in the opposite direction one learns; even erring is a part of learning. Nobody can learn if they are very much afraid of being in error. If one is very much afraid that he may go astray, then there is no possibility of traveling. This is why the mind says, “Ask the awakened, those who know - gather from them.” But then it is secondhand, and there is no such thing as a secondhand truth, it is simply a lie. A secondhand truth is a lie. A truth, to be true, has to be firsthand, original. It has to be fresh, you have to reach it - it is always virgin.

Heraclitus says:

I have searched myself.

He is saying, “I am not saying something that I have heard - I have searched myself. It is not something that I have learnt, it is something I have grown myself. It is a growth, it is a subjectivity - it is my own experience.” And when it is your experience, it transforms you.

Says Jesus: “Truth liberates.” But you know many truths, and they have not liberated you. On the contrary, they have become the bondages, they are the fetters around you. Truth liberates, lies become a prison.

That’s why Heraclitus says:

Bigotry is the sacred disease.

A man who knows himself is never bigoted, he is never a sectarian; he is never obsessed by a theory. He never makes any claim that only he is true, because when one knows the truth, one knows that the truth is multifaceted, and one knows that there are millions of ways of looking at it. And whenever someone comes near, whatsoever he sees is individual. It has never been so before, it will never be that way again - because this individual has never been there, and this individual is totally unique. So every vision, every encounter of truth is unique. It cannot be compared.

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