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Chapter 25: We Cannot Be Otherwise

So remember, it is not the length of time but the depth of love that makes the obvious understood. In that very understanding a tremendous transformation takes place.

Only such people know intimacy with a master.

What is the nature of this chatterbox mind of mine? It has been going on and on now for as long as I can remember. What are its origins? Is its source somewhere in the vast silence it dissolves into when I am in your presence?

The mind is simply a biocomputer. When the child is born he has no mind; there is no chattering going on in him. It takes almost three to four years for his mechanism to start functioning. And you will see that girls start talking earlier than boys. They are bigger chatterboxes. They have a better quality biocomputer.

It needs information to be fed into it; that’s why if you try to remember your life backwards, you will get stuck somewhere at the age of four if you are a man, or at the age of three if you are a woman. Beyond that is a blank. You were there; many things must have happened, many incidents must have occurred, but there seems to be no memory being recorded, so you cannot remember. But you can remember back to the age of four or three very clearly.

Mind collects its data from the parents, from the school, from other children, neighbors, relatives, society, churches.all around there are sources. You must have seen little children, when for the first time they start speaking, they will repeat the same word many times. The joy! - a new mechanism has started functioning in them.

When they can make sentences they will make sentences so joyously, again and again. When they can start asking questions, then they will ask about each and everything. They are not interested in your answers, remember! Watch a child when he asks a question; he is not interested in your answer, so please don’t give him a long answer from the Encyclopaedia Britannica. The child is not interested in your answer; the child is simply enjoying that he can question. A new faculty has come into being in him.

This is how he goes on collecting. Then he will start reading.and more words. In this society, silence does not pay; words pay, and the more articulate you are, the more you will be paid.

What are your leaders? What are your politicians? What are your professors? What are your priests, theologians, philosophers, condensed to one thing? They are very articulate. They know how to use words meaningfully, significantly, consistently, so that they can impress people.

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