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Chapter 22: Life Functions through Polarities

The religious people were teaching a forced impotency which is against biology. And whatever your ideology may be, there is no way to convey the ideology to your physiology, biology, your chemistry - there is no way. Once you have eaten the food, you cannot tell your stomach what to do with it. And it is good that it is beyond your control. Once you have swallowed it, it is beyond your control. Your body knows perfectly well what to do with it.

You may take the vow of celibacy, but your biology is not even aware that you are a Christian monk or a Hindu monk or a Buddhist monk. Your biology goes on functioning the same way as before. It goes on creating male sperms in you, in millions, because nature depends on your not being a celibate. It is good that Buddha’s father was not celibate; it is good that Mohammed’s father was not celibate. If these people had been celibate, the world would have missed two very colorful people.

Nature wants you to be alive, hence it has kept in its own control the basic elements in your life - for example, breathing. It is not up to you to breathe or not to breathe; otherwise sometimes you may forget. In sleep you are bound to forget, and then in the morning there will be nobody to breathe. So about breathing, no one can say, “I am doing it.” It is existence that breathes in and out, and you are not in control of it, because breathing is so essential for your life - it cannot be left in your unconscious hands.

What breathing is to a single individual, reproduction is to the race. Individuals come and go, but humanity has to continue. Life has to continue. It cannot depend on individuals’ decisions, because they are only temporary. They will be here only for the time being; their decisions cannot be of any value.

So celibacy, sexual energy, the power to reproduce, has been kept in the hands of life itself. You cannot do anything about it.

You said before that this was something that had to happen sooner or later.


And a question I have here, I ask why now? Why not in the fifties, why not in the sixties or seventies? Why right now?

There are reasons. First, everything has to reach a particular climax. You don’t ask why water evaporates at a hundred degrees - why not at ninety-eight and why not at ninety, and why not at a hundred and one? It is simply something that is not in our hands. Everything happens at a certain point, at a certain climax, and there is no question of a reason why, because there is nobody to answer it.

No scientist can answer it, why water evaporates at a hundred degrees - there is no reason! It could have been ninety-nine. And there is nobody to ask about it. We have to accept it as a fundamental law of existence.

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