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Chapter 5: Ecstasy Is Now - Why Wait?

The religions have been saying to people for millions of years, that the happiness in this world is of the same nature as a mirage in the desert. That’s why you are never capable of catching hold of it. You never get hold of happiness in your fist; it comes and goes. You can feel it like a breeze, but by the time you become aware that it is here, it is already gone. Perhaps it is more unreal than the mirage. A mirage at least has some reality - the reflected sunrays contribute half, and your thirst, the other half. But in your so-called happiness of this world, you are contributing one hundred percent; there is nothing else there which contributes anything.

And you know it. Today a woman is so beautiful to you that you can say Cleopatra was nothing before her. She seems to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Not only today - you cannot conceive that there could have been any woman more beautiful ever, or could be in the future. You are projecting, because the same woman to others is nothing; and the same woman tomorrow will be nothing to you too. And then you will be surprised, shocked - what happened? What happened to the woman? Nothing has happened to the woman, she is the same person - something has happened to you.

Yesterday you were thirsty; lust was being projected. Today the lust is fulfilled; now there is no biological projection. The woman is an ordinary woman and the happiness that you got was just from your projection - you created the whole game. The woman, at the most, played the part of an inactive participant; she allowed you to project yourself upon her. Perhaps she was also projecting her mind upon you so it was a projection from both sides. Sooner or later it is going to disappear because projections cannot last once their basic cause is missing.

The basic cause is in your biology; and biology doesn’t bother about love and poetry and romance, or anything - biology means business! Biology is not interested in foreplay and afterplay: a sheer wastage. Biology is interested in reproduction. Once biology has done its work, it withdraws; the projection disappears. Then you are standing there, the same woman is standing there - but nothing is any longer the same. Where has the happiness disappeared to?

You were feeling like you were on the top of Everest, and you have fallen to the depths of the Pacific. The woman deceived you and the woman thinks you deceived her; and you both try to dump on each other. Nobody has deceived; both have been deceived by biology. But biology is not somebody outside you; it is intrinsic to your body. You are a projection of two other biologies, those of your father, your mother, and they were a projection of two other biologies. It is a continuum, a river-like flow.

The religions tried to exploit this fundamental truth. It is true that romance and poetry. And the so-called love affair is just a shadow of biology. So it is not very difficult: a certain injection with certain hormones can create all the poetry right now, all the romance. Another injection - and you fall into the Pacific! Now we know a man can become a woman, a woman can become a man; just a little change of hormones, just a little change of chemistry.

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