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Chapter 29: Nobody Is Missing Anything

How can existence close the doors to its own children? You expect and you create a tension in your being: somewhere, some day, in some life, you will become enlightened. But if I say to you, “I am ready to make you enlightened right now,” you will say, “Just give me a little time to think. I have to ask my wife. And just to conceive of myself enlightened seems impossible. I am an ordinary man, living in the ordinary world.”

But the people who became enlightened, they were also living in this world. This world is not ordinary. You cannot find any other world which is more extraordinary. In this vast universe, this small planet is very tiny. Just our sun is thousands of times bigger than this earth, and this sun is considered to be a mediocre star; there are stars millions of times bigger. And the expanse of the universe is infinite.

This earth is blessed: blessed with life, blessed with love, blessed with the possibility of your becoming aware, alert, conscious, enlightened. And nobody is preventing you. But in your drunkenness, in your unconsciousness are arising so many problems.

A drunkard reached his home. His wife was tired - every night he would come home late, completely drunk, and disturb the whole house and the people. The wife gave him the key finally, saying, “You don’t have to disturb anybody. We know we cannot change you. The more we make the effort to change you, the more you drink. So keep this key and when you come, open the door silently and go to your bed. Don’t disturb anybody’s sleep and don’t create the quarrel that we have been passing through for years.”

The drunkard was very happy. That day he drank as much as possible - there was no fear now. And then he staggered towards his house. On the way, two things happened. One was, a lamppost.he got struck by the lamppost. And he looked all around, could not believe it. He had always known that there was only one lamppost, and he was surrounded by twelve lampposts! He went this way and that way, but he would get hit again by the lampposts.

A policeman was watching from the road, felt mercy for the poor man - he had hurt his whole face, scratched it - so he came to rescue him. The drunkard asked, “Just this evening when I left the house, there was only one lamppost. Who is the idiot who has made twelve lampposts? And they won’t let me out. Whichever way I go, the lampposts are preventing me.”

The policeman said, “Don’t be worried. Look again in the morning, when you have awakened. Right now, go to your home and go to sleep.”

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