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Chapter 21: Truth Knows No Compromise

So I am not without hope. I see every possibility that we can change the course of where we are unconsciously going. There is no need for AIDS, and there is no need for a nuclear war. In fact we can change the nuclear energy into creative resources. We can make this earth a beautiful garden without hunger, without poverty, without disease. It will be simply idiotic to use so much energy for destroying innocent people, and for destroying the only planet around here that is alive.

Are you getting used to the tape changes, the interruptions?

I am accustomed to every kind of change.

We heard a lot of rumors during your three years of silence about your health. How do you feel now?

I am feeling better.

The back problems, the allergies, they are improving?

No, they are there, but these are not sicknesses which can ever be cured. You have to take care and avoid the situations in which they can occur. I am as allergic as I have ever been, but all the possibilities of allergy are prevented. If I don’t come in contact with any perfume, I don’t come in contact with crowds, perspiration, smells, dust, then I am perfectly okay, there is no problem. Those allergies are not diseases, they are simply my heritage.

Are they frustrations, limiting you?

No, no frustration in it. In fact it keeps me absolutely clean. And it keeps me isolated, which I enjoy.


Because to be silent and alone gives the greatest bliss that is possible in life.

So I don’t take allergies as a disadvantage - it has proved a blessing in disguise. My back also has been a blessing in disguise. It is the same, the problem is there. The best experts in India and from England confirmed that it is not something that will leave me. I will have to live with it.

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