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Chapter 18: Silence Does the Miracle

I said, “You have come to the wrong place” - because in India people go to the saints for blessings. I said, “You have come to the wrong place. If I really give you a blessing, you will fail utterly in your election.”

He said, “What do you mean? What kind of blessing is this?”

I said, “Your becoming a cabinet minister, a deputy prime minister, or even a prime minister, is not really a blessing to you. You are going in an hallucinatory direction. My blessing will bring you back to your reality.”

In India, many couples, when they got married, used to come for my blessing. And Vivek used to tell them, “Don’t ask for his blessing, because his blessing means divorce” - because she had seen, year by year, whoever had asked for my blessing was finished, asking for my blessing was the end of the relationship. But they could not understand it. They had come to ask the blessing that for their lives they remain devoted to each other, that their love goes on growing, their love should not know any end, it should be endless.

But this is illusory. Everything that is born, dies. And the more beautiful a thing is, the more delicate it is. Love is a beautiful flower; it withers very easily. Yes, a relationship you can carry - that is legal, social - but it will be a burden when the love between you has stopped flowing. You will torture each other in every possible way.

My blessing can be that you enjoy the moment to the fullest, and if in the next moment you feel the bridge has collapsed, then say good-bye to each other - at least in a friendly, compassionate way.

The ego and all its games.marriage is its game, money is its game, power is its game. All the games are the games of ego. The society up to now has remained playing games; it is an ongoing Olympics all over the world. Everybody is fighting his way upwards, and everybody else is pulling his legs down, because at the Everest peak there is not enough space for you all to stand.

It is a cut-throat competition. And it becomes so important to you, that you forget completely that this ego was planted in you by the society, by the teachers. From the kindergarten to the university, what are they doing? - strengthening your ego. More and more degrees go on being added to your name, and you start feeling bigger and bigger and bigger.

Ego is the greatest lie - which you have accepted as a truth. But all vested interests are very much in favor of it, because if everybody becomes aware of egolessness, this whole Olympics going on around the world will simply come to a standstill. Nobody will want to climb Everest, they will enjoy wherever they are. They will be rejoicing.

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