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Chapter 2: Sowing the Seed

A blind man and a lame man were caught in a fire in a jungle. The blind man could not run away as he could not see. He had strong legs and feet and could save himself by running away, but he had no sense of direction. The lame person could see the path, he could see which part of the jungle had not yet caught fire, but he could not run away as he was lame. According to the story, both of them got together. The blind man carried the lame one on his shoulders. By becoming one, they overcame their shortcomings. With the joint effort of the blind man’s feet and the lame man’s eyes they could come out of the jungle safely. The fire could not destroy them.

You cannot save yourself from the flames of life until the intellect and the heart unite. Intellect has eyes but no feet; intellect is lame. Heart has feet, but no eyes; heart is blind. That is why they say that love is blind. When they meet, there is perfume. When they unite, there is attainment, there is enlightenment, there is nirvana. If they oppose each other, both will be destroyed. Then it will be impossible to get out of the jungle which is on fire. Alone, both are crippled. United, both become whole. And you have both, you have to use both. Hence make knowledge a support of devotion; make devotion a support of knowledge.

You can fly in this sky if you make both of them your wings. No bird can fly with one wing, no man can walk with one foot, nor can a boat be rowed with one oar; both the oars are needed. There is no contradiction, and those who have told you that there is a contradiction are wrong. They made this error because they didn’t know this great harmony. They were either mind-dominated people who possessed only dry thoughts and logic and never experienced the dance of the heart, or they were heart-dominated people who could dance, but didn’t have any understanding.

It will certainly be a fortunate moment when you can dance with understanding. That moment will be fortunate when you can love with understanding. And never refuse anything which existence has given you, because if you do so you will become disabled to that degree. You are whole, but everything has to be properly adjusted and made to coincide. It is as if there is a musical instrument, a veena: the strings are there, and the strings have to be fixed to the veena, they have to be tightened and adjusted. Everything is within you, but the coincidence is not there. The name of that coincidence which can adjust your inner veena and its strings, is sadhana.

Sufis say, that a man was dying of hunger. In his house there was flour, water, fuel, an oven, but he didn’t know how to knead the flour, how to light the fire and how to bake the bread. Everything was there, but he was hungry. The uncooked food was there. But these things didn’t coincide, so he died of hunger.

This story applies to everybody. You have all the means, but you are hungry. You have got everything; existence sends everyone with all the means. But these means are to be adjusted in the proper proportions, the proper harmony and music, only then the light of the divine will shine within you.

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