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Chapter 15: God Seeks You

When do you call a faith blind? When? When the intellect says that this faith is wrong then the intellect calls it blind. When the intellect feels that some faith is justified by reason, then the intellect says that this faith is right. But does faith need any justification from reason? Is reason in any way the authority to know what is right and what is wrong in the world of feeling?

Always rationalists have said that the believers are blind - always. But have you known any believer who was not blind? People who were following Jesus were blind - everybody condemned them. Those who were following Buddha were blind, rationalists condemned them. Rationalists have always been saying that faith is blind. This is just a trick of logic to say that that faith is right which is not blind - but there is no such faith.

The very word faith means that where there are no grounds to believe, you believe. If there are grounds then there is no need for faith. For example, you don’t believe that the earth exists. Is it not a fact? There is no need for faith. The earth exists: this is a fact, justified, rational; faith is not needed. Faith comes only when the reason cannot justify but the heart feels it. And reason is not the totality, reason is not the total life and existence. There are things which go beyond reason, which reason cannot comprehend but which the heart feels.

There are only two ways: either you deny the heart or you deny reason. When reason and heart are in conflict, these are the two alternatives: either you follow reason and say to the heart that it is blind, and unless something is justified, proved, you are not going to believe.. But do you know, whenever something is rationalized, proved, there is no need to believe.

Marx, the founder of communism, used to say, “I will not believe in God unless God is proved in a scientific laboratory.” But he knew it well, so he added, “Don’t try to prove God in a scientific way, because once you prove God in a scientific way, in a scientific laboratory, there will be no need to believe.” Do you believe in chemistry or physics? There is no need. Only the unproved needs faith; the heart feels that it is there but reason cannot prove it.

I have loved very few sentences in my life - very few, rare, they can be counted on one’s fingers. One of these few sentences is one from Tertullian, one Christian mystic. He said, “I believe in God because God is absurd, because God cannot be believed, is impossible to prove. That’s why I believe.”.Because if it is possible to prove there is no need to believe, then there are facts. The heart can feel and lead you. The reason will say heart is blind because reason thinks that only he has eyes, but the heart has its own eyes. When you love a person, love is always blind. Have you seen any love with eyes? A person who goes on following reason will never be in love.

It happened to Immanuel Kant, one of the greatest German thinkers. He was a complete rationalist. One woman loved Immanuel Kant and proposed marriage to him. He said, “Wait, because first I will have to think pro and con - whether marriage can lead to happiness or not. And unless I decide rationally I cannot take any step.”

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