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Chapter 27: Anonymous Graves

And when he came this time to visit, he asked, “Have you done, in the last week, anything good?” Three boys stood up. The priest said, “It is not great, but still something has started. Out of one hundred boys only three have done something good. They should be praised. One by one, please answer what good you have done?”

He asked the first boy, who said, “I helped an old blind woman cross the road. That was the example that you had given about good.”

The priest said, “It is very nice of you, you are a real Christian.”

He asked the second boy, “What did you do?”

He said, “The same. I helped a blind old woman cross the road.”

The priest felt a little suspicious. In this small village, how could they manage to find two blind women? But it was possible, it was not impossible. He said, “You also have done a good job. You are also a good Christian. And what about the third?”

The third said, “I have also done the same thing. I helped a blind old woman cross the road.”

Now this was too much! The priest said, “I know the whole town. Where could you get three women - old, blind?”

The three boys shouted simultaneously, “It was not three woman - it was one woman! And it was such a great struggle, because she never wanted to cross! But we all three.. She was screaming and beating - but to be a Christian one has to suffer. Finally we managed to get her across.”

A blind man, a man who has no awareness, is bound to do something like that. They are doing it all over the world. It is not a story. It is a reality.

People are dying in thousands every day and all religious leaders are teaching against birth control, against abortion. Strange, their arguments are the same: that by birth control you are rejecting a God-given child; this is not being religious. But strange - when God gives you cancer, when God gives you tuberculosis, when God gives you homosexuality, and when he gives the final Nobel Prize, AIDS, then why are you rejecting them?

If everything is given by God, it should be accepted with gratitude, “Lord, you are great, you have given me cancer.” And don’t go to a hospital, don’t go to a cancer expert, because that is against religion, it is against God. God gives you cancer, and you go to a surgeon to be operated upon? You are behaving in a very anti-religious way. But nobody asks these people, “You accept..”

In fact, religions run hospitals, and manage eye banks where blind people’s eyes can be operated upon. God has made someone blind, and you are serving God by making the man see again? No, these things don’t arise in their minds. The only thing they are against is birth control. Why?

It has nothing to do with God. And even if God gives you a present, you have every right to return it, with thanks. What is wrong in it? If you don’t need it.. He has already given many presents before and you have accepted, and you are suffering because of those presents.

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