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Chapter 7: Awareness: The Master Key

That’s what Pythagoras wants you to understand: reflect. And reflect so totally that out of that reflection, whatsoever act is born is right because it fits; it is harmonious with existence. It does not really arise in you; you are not a doer of it. It arises in the total context, the situation; you and all are involved in it. Out of that wholeness the act is born; it is not your act. You have not decided to do it that way; it is not your decision, it is not your thought, it is not your character. You are not doing it; you are only allowing it to happen.

Just as walking early in the morning, the sun has not risen and you come across a snake on the path - there is no time to think, you can only reflect. There is no time to decide what to do and what not to do. You immediately jump. Remember the word immediate - not even a single moment is lost. You immediately jump out of the way. Later on, you can sit underneath a tree and think about it: what happened, how you did it, and you can pat your back that you did well. But in fact, you have not done it, it happened. It happened out of the total context. You, the snake, the danger of death, the effort of life to protect itself and a thousand and one other things are involved in it. The total situation caused the act. You were just a medium. Now, this act fits. You are not the doer of it. In the religious way, we can say, existence has done it through you. That is only a religious way of speaking, that’s all. The whole has acted through the part - this is virtue. You will never repent for it.

And this is really a freeing act. Once it has happened, it is finished. You are again free to act; you will not carry this action in your head. It will not become part of your psychological memory; it will not leave any wound in you. It was so spontaneous that it will not leave any trace. This act will never become a karma. This act will never leave any scratch on you. The act which becomes a karma, is the act which is not really an act but a reaction which comes from the past, from memory, from thinking. You are the decider, the chooser. It is not out of awareness but unawareness. Then it is all sin.

To me, awareness is all. I teach you awareness.

It was Plato who, attempting to convey the meaning of the educative process, told the parable of the cave. Chained within an underground cave, one of the prisoners who had perceived only the illusionary shadows of the real world is unchained and freed to journey into the light.

Emerging from the cave he is blinded by the brightness of the sun and for a moment desires to turn back. But he realizes that the only authentic life for man is one lived with a clear vision of things as they are. Though earlier blinded by the light and desiring the darkness, he resolves to leave behind the cave of shadows and its world of illusions. But having seen, having become aware, having perceived clearly, he knows he must return and free others to see through the veil of illusions, that chain and imprison them in an unreal world.

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