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Chapter 5: Meditation Incarnate

Everybody is poor. Empty-handed we come, empty-handed we go. All ideas of richness are fictions. By rich men, he doesn’t mean those who have. On this earth nobody has anything: the poor are poor; the rich are also poor - sometimes even poorer than the poor, because they are more deluded that they have something.

If you have something, Jesus is right: “A camel can pass through the eye of a needle but you will not be able to pass through the kingdom of God” - the doors will be closed, it is not for fools. And the very idea that you possess something is foolish. And once the idea settles in, then you are trying to protect it. Then everybody else becomes the enemy because everybody else is trying to snatch that which you have - and in the first place you don’t have anything.

The more you protect, the more others think that you must be having something; otherwise why are you protecting so much? They are running after you, thinking that you must have something. Seeing that they are running after you, you think there is danger, protection is needed. This is how the vicious circles goes on.

Nobody has anything in this world. Once you realize this, all fear disappears. Once you realize this, you have become a sannyasin. Not that you leave your houses and your wife and children and the world, and move to a mountain top. No, because those who are running to the mountain tops still think that they are leaving something that they had - that is the very foolishness. First you were deluded that you have, now you are deluded that you have renounced, but the basic hypnosis still exists. First you continuously counted your money - how much you have; now you will be counting how much you have renounced. But renunciation is nothing but the other side of the bank balance, the other side of the river, of the market.

A man who knows has nothing to renounce, because a man who knows and comes to understand his situation, knows that he has nothing - how can you renounce, what can you renounce? Hands are empty and suddenly you are moving in a different space: the possession, the renunciation - both have become irrelevant.

There are persons who come to me.. I can see that I am in front of them and they cannot see me. But they say they have visions, spiritual visions, beautiful colors float in their minds: kundalini arises - the snake-power, the serpent-power - it rushes towards the last chakra. And I am in front of them, and I can see they are blind - they can’t see me! And their kundalini is arising and they have tremendous light in their third eye. And they have come so that I can confirm that “Yes, that’s so.”

If I say, “Yes, that is so,” they are very happy and fulfilled. If I say “No,” they are very angry, they become my enemies. And they cannot see me! But they can count the legs of the ants crawling on the moon.. They are stone-blind. To hide their blindness they create many fictions around themselves.

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