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Chapter 6: The Virtuous Circle

Man has not been holy up to now because he has not been whole - how can he be holy? Yes, once in a while a person may have attained - a Lao Tzu, a Zarathustra. Once in a while a person may have attained to his wholeness, but as I look I feel even Buddha’s wholeness can be enriched a little more, even Lao Tzu’s wholeness can become a little more than it is; something can be added to it. Even Jesus’ wholeness can have a few more dimensions to it.

My effort here is to give you a multi-dimensional existence; all the dimensions that are possible for human beings should be available to you. You should be capable of love and you should be capable of bliss. And my own experience is and my observation is that the man who is blissful is the only man who is capable of love, and the man who is capable of love is the only man who is capable of bliss. They enhance each other.

You have heard about the vicious circle: that one thing leads to another, then the other thing leads to the first, and there is a vicious circle. But you have not heard about the virtuous circle. I call this a virtuous circle - it is not vicious, it is virtuous - because one thing leads to the other and you go higher, moving in higher altitudes. More and more plenitudes are added to you. The highest that I can conceive of is love added to your bliss in deep harmony; not interfering with each other but enriching each other.

But Desiderata is going to create such questions. I was aware that you would become very much puzzled about what is essential and what is nonessential. And your mind is very cunning; it can find ways, it can start thinking, “Then why not drop the new name, why not drop sannyas - why not do this, because these are nonessential things? The essential thing is inner and these are outer things.” And this will be sheer cunningness and nothing else. You have not understood the message: the nonessential can also be used as essential.

But Premananda is an American and for an American to be sane is difficult! And he is not only an American, he comes from Californialand!

Benson returned to Naples where, as a youngster during the war, he had befriended a native named Capitini. When the Italian saw Benson, he simply could not do enough for him and insisted that he meet his sister.

“Is she pretty?” asked Benson.

“Ah, bella, bella!” cried the friend.

“Is she young?” continued Benson.

“Si! Si!”

“And is she pure?” asked Benson.

The Italian shrugged and exclaimed, “You Americans are all crazy!”

In Chicago a couple came before a justice of the peace to be married. The young man handed him the marriage license.

“Join hands,” said the magistrate.

Then he looked at the document, which authorized him to unite in the bonds of matrimony Wlodzimierz Lineandowski and Nehrebecka Zozislawsieka.

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