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Chapter 7: Does the Spoon Taste the Soup?

It happens almost every day. People write to me that in their meditation something strange is happening: they are feeling very happy - it can’t be true! Nobody ever writes to me, “I am feeling unhappy - it can’t be true!” But whenever happiness is felt, joy arises, they become afraid, they can’t believe it. They start suspecting. They start suspecting and they start theorizing that it must be the hypnosis of the place, it must be the many orange people around, that’s why they are being affected. How can they be happy?! They have known only misery their whole lives, they have become accustomed to it, misery has become their being. Now, ecstasy? No, these flowers can’t be true - something is wrong.

In almost all the languages of the world there are proverbs such as this one in English: you say, “It can’t be true because it is so good.” The good can’t be true? Nobody believes in the good. “Too good to be true,” you say. Nobody says, “Too bad to be true.” No proverb like that exists in any language of the world: “Too bad to be true.” The bad is accepted, the ugly is accepted, the mundane is accepted - and the sacred is denied.

And even if you accept the sacred, you only accept it formally. You go to the temple and the church as a social formality; you don’t really believe in God, you don’t really believe in the temple. It is good, it keeps things smooth, it is like a lubricant. If you go to the temple and the church, people think you are a good man, honest, religious; and if people think you are religious, honest and good, you can cheat them in a better way than you could otherwise. They will trust you, and you can cheat them and deceive them only if they trust you. It is a social formality, maybe a social strategy to cheat and deceive people. But you don’t believe.

Whenever something immense, huge, bigger than you, descends on you, you simply shrink back, you close your eyes, you become an ostrich. You simply deny it! It can’t be so. It is not that God has not come on your way - he has come many times, he has knocked on your doors many times, but you don’t open the doors. On the contrary, you go on finding rationalizations. Sometimes you say, “It must be the wind, it must be the rain, it must be some neighborhood child playing on the steps, knocking on the door.” You go on explaining to yourself.but you never open the door and see who is there.

The fool is his own enemy. The mischief he does is his undoing. How bitterly he suffers!

Why do what you will regret?
Why bring tears upon yourself?

Out of his great compassion he raises this question - he is talking to you - Why do what you will regret? Why bring tears upon yourself?

Do only what you do not regret,
and fill yourself with joy.

Remember, let this be the criterion: whatsoever brings joy and bliss and benediction is true - because bliss is God’s nature. Truth is another name for bliss. Untruth brings misery. If you live in lies, you will live in misery. And if you are living in misery, remember and find out on what lies you have based your life. Withdraw yourself from those lies. Don’t waste time and don’t postpone. Immediately withdraw! That withdrawal I call sannyas.