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Chapter 14: The Last Word in Meditation

Now this is all exploitation of the simplicity, of the innocence of human beings. Nobody can be your savior. Neither can Christ nor Krishna; neither can Mahavira nor Buddha.nobody can be your savior. And if you had not accepted these people as your saviors but just as your guides, you would have been in a totally different state. You would not have been in such misery and suffering and anguish. You would have been blissful. Your life would have been a light unto itself.

There is no contradiction. You can take the help, and the beauty of help is, it is not binding. You can take my help and you can take anybody else’s help too. There is no question of commitment.

You can accept help from every corner available. Why should you become attached only to one person? You should become available to all the wise people around you from wherever any ray of light comes towards you. You should be ready and receptive. It does not matter whether it comes from a Mohammedan or from a Buddhist or from a Hindu or from a Jew.it does not matter from whom the ray of light comes. If it leads towards truth, if it makes you more free, more independent, more integrated, more of an individual, solid, like a rock.then you are absolutely free to accept all the help possible.

A real friend cannot make you a slave. He cannot tell you, “You have only to accept my help.” If he is a real friend, he will say to you, “You have to learn to accept advice, wisdom from wherever it comes.”

Help is absolutely necessary. But help is one thing, and to become your savior is totally different.

There is no contradiction in what you are experiencing. They are absolutely consistent with each other. Just remember that I do not want to become in any way a bondage to you. I want to be remembered by you only as a freedom giver, not as somebody who enslaves you. And then from wherever you feel your thirst can be quenched, your heart starts dancing; you feel that you are moving, moving towards a more beautiful space, then go without hesitation.

You can have many friends, you cannot have many masters. That’s the difference. The master monopolizes. He wants to hold you completely in his hands, and only then he guarantees you that he will bring deliverance to you. But the deliverance is always after death, so nobody knows that any master has ever helped anybody after death because nobody returns to give any evidence.

I don’t want to help you after death. I want to help you right now.

If I cannot help you now, how can I help you after death?

While you are alive you should be changed. When you are full of energy and young you should put your youth, your energy into transforming yourself.

My help is available. You need not even feel grateful towards me. In fact, I always feel grateful whenever anybody accepts my help because I know he was capable of rejecting it, but he did not reject it.

And it is my joy to help you. By helping you I feel more blissful. The more people I can help, the more blissful I feel. That is the quality of bliss: share it, and it grows; stop sharing it, and it starts dying.

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