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Chapter 23: Religion Is Just Rubbish

Of course, the poor man will have different things in his mind, the rich man will have different things; but when both minds are cleaned they are equal. They both have only emptiness, innocence, silence. Empty the Christian, empty the Hindu, empty the Buddhist, and you will not find three kinds of emptinesses. Emptiness is only of one kind.

So deprogramming is a process which is going to be similar for everybody in the world. And the process is very simple. We just have to make people aware that, “You are miserable, you are suffering, your life is a pain, an agony. You don’t find any meaning in it. You are in despair. Still you go on, you continue on the same lines which are causes of all this despair.”

Nobody wants to be miserable. We just have to make him aware that even though he does not want to, he remains miserable because he is attached to something which is the cause of his misery - the Catholic church, the Hindu religion - which he thinks is something spiritual, which he thinks is going to give him blissfulness. All they are giving him is misery, but he does not connect them.

The function of the sannyasins is to make the connection clear. Once the connection is clear, nobody wants to be miserable. And if it is the church who is making him miserable, then along with his misery he will throw the church, too. Once he breathes in pure air, once he is out of the Christian atmosphere, he will be surprised that the misery has disappeared, that there is some dance in his feet, some song in his heart.

One experience will make him go for the whole process, to empty his mind of all conditioning. As he goes on unconditioning himself, his misery goes on disappearing, and at a certain point the pendulum changes. Instead of misery he starts feeling glimpses of joy, and new windows start opening.

Your work is done once you have given the man a clear vision of what causes his misery. He can never get out of misery itself He has to remove the cause. And if he removes the cause, blissfulness is not something that comes from anywhere, it is just his very nature. Let the misery go, throw its cause away, and you will find yourself full of blissfulness for no reason at all.

Bliss has no cause. It is our very nature. All that is needed is emptiness so that our nature can have a space to grow, blossom, spread fragrance.

You have said you have no interest in the outside, no interest in politics. Yet you often speak about politics and politicians and give us many insights into world problems. Can you comment?

I don’t have any interest in the outside world, in politics, but I have immense interest in you. You are living in a world which is ugly, sick, one foot in the grave. And I don’t want you to be drowned with this sick world.

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