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Chapter 32: Water into Wine Is Not the Real Miracle

Even today, if a man can walk on water, change water into wine, feed thousands of people from one or two loaves of bread, raise the dead back to life, do you think he will be crucified? He will be crowned! - his miracles will prove what he is saying. But not a single Jewish book of Jesus’ time even mentions his name - he was not even news. A man raising the dead back to life - if he is not news, then what is news? A man being crucified and coming back, resurrected - can you avoid giving him the headlines in all the newspapers? But not even his name is mentioned. The reason is clear: he never performed any miracle. All those miracles were added by the disciples to make his claim substantial - that he is the only son of God, that he is the messiah.

They have tried for two thousand years to make Christianity a special religion, unique, far above any other religion for reasons which are all bogus. Buddha never walked on water, Moses never made any dead come back to life again, Krishna was not resurrected - once dead, dead forever.

Even trying to prove that he was born of a virgin mother is just a strategy to make Jesus special, unique; he is not a product of sexuality. It is the anti-sexual attitude, the anti-life attitude. Everybody is born out of sex; that means you are born out of sin. How can God’s son be born out of sin? So he is born out of a virgin mother.

For two thousand years these have been the pillars, none of which has anything to do with religion. Even if you can walk on water, so what? - you will simply look stupid. And if you can change water into wine, you will be behind bars because you are committing a crime. Being born of a virgin mother will simply make you a bastard, not a great god.

And so many people died in Jesus’ time: if he was capable of raising people back to life, then he seems to be very miserly, there seems to be no generosity. He raises only one person - who is a personal friend of his. The conspiracy is clear. Lazarus is his personal friend, and the whole miracle is a made-up phenomenon, if it ever happened.

He was not dead. The two sisters of Lazarus were followers of Jesus: they put Lazarus in a cave, and they waited for Jesus. Jesus came after four days, and in four days the body started deteriorating, it was stinking. And Jesus simply called out, “Lazarus, come out!” And it seems Lazarus was completely ready, just waiting; and he came out of the cave.

If a man was capable of raising the dead, then he should have shown.Many people must have died, he could have revived them. Why a friend? And what is the point? - because Lazarus, even after being raised from the dead, did not change. We don’t hear of him again, that he was transformed, that his life was now a new life. Nothing happened: he was the same man, with the same ugly jealousies, stupidities, insensitiveness. He had not become a light unto himself.

Even Jesus’ resurrection is completely bogus. I have seen his grave - it is in Kashmir in India. He lived in Kashmir to an old age, one hundred and twelve years. A Jewish family - and Jews are very rare in India - still has been taking care of two graves. And a very strange coincidence: Moses died in Kashmir, and Jesus also died in Kashmir. And the reason for this coincidence is that Kashmiris are basically Jews. They are one of the tribes of Jews who lost their way while Moses was finding Israel.

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