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Chapter 10: My Work Has Just Begun

In thousands of years not a single man has been there to say this. They were just saying, “Be ready. If you love me, be ready to die for me, because we are going to conquer lands, conquer the whole world. If you are not ready to die for me, you are a coward, and then how are you going to conquer the world?” I have a different way of conquering the world. I don’t need nuclear weapons, atom bombs, I have a different approach totally. And they have all failed.

None of them could conquer the whole world, neither Alexander the Great, nor Napoleon Bonaparte, Ivan the Terrible, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mussolini, nor Mao Tse-tung. They have all - without exception - failed, because this is not the way to conquer. Hate is not the way to conquer; it will destroy the other, and in consequence it will destroy you too. Your victory is going to be just a very passing phase. I say to my people, yes we are going to take over the world; by our rejoicing, by our love, by our peace, serenity, by our meditation.

We are not politicians, we are not going to rule them. In fact, we are going to teach everybody not to be ruled by anyone and not to rule anyone. Only then are you really an authentic human being. My influence on German people is exactly the opposite of Adolf Hitler’s. But influence is there, those who don’t know me can find a certain similarity. Those who know will find that the influence is there, in fact it is far greater than Adolf Hitler’s. And it is not me who is saying it. One of the most important Western journalists, the author of many significant books, Aubrey Mennen, wrote a book almost ten years ago about the new mystics. He put my picture on the cover.

The book was published by Thames and Hudson in London. Inside, what he said even I could not believe. He says, “I have seen Adolf Hitler, interviewed Adolf Hitler, I have listened to Adolf Hitler in a meeting sitting in the front row, and I have seen his tremendous influence on people, but it is nothing compared to Osho.” His influence, he says, was only that of oratory, there was no substance in it. Those people were enchanted because their egos were fulfilled.

He was saying to those people that you are the highest race amongst human beings: you are the purest Nordic Aryans, it is your birthright to rule all over the world. Naturally, all those who had ambitions, ego trips, were influenced. Here is a man who can manage to fulfill their hidden desire. They themselves, of course, cannot manage, it is too big. Aubrey Mennen says that people were influenced, but that influence was something sick, it was fulfilling their egos. The people who are influenced by me are totally different.

I am making every effort to destroy your ego, and to destroy the German ego is the hardest thing! In fact, the young, intelligent, German generation is influenced by me against Adolf Hitler and against any possibility of Adolf Hitler ever happening again in Germany. I am the greatest enemy of Adolf Hitler anywhere. Any country which is influenced by me, particularly the young generation - I don’t care about the graveyards, I only trust the young blood, fresh blood - if they are in love with me, that means Adolf Hitler is impossible, destruction is impossible.

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