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Chapter 3: True Life

Hence the invention of hell. Hell exists nowhere; it is the invention of the cunning priests, Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan, Jaina, Buddhist. They may differ in their philosophical systems but they don’t differ in the basic exploitation: the exploitation of man’s fear and greed. Fear and greed are two aspects of the same coin. And once you have become afraid, once a trembling has become part of your being, you start looking for it. Even if it is not there you will have to invent it, to satisfy your collective unconscious.

David, a young apprentice barber, goes to his boss and says, “Mr. Snippet, I am not going to work here anymore. All your employees are anti-Semites!”

“Anti-Semites? Where did you get a silly idea like that from?”

“I have good proof. I made a test,” the young man answered. “I asked everybody the same question. The conclusion could not be more clear, boss - all anti-Semites!”

“But what was the question?”

“I asked them how they would react if there was a mass extermination of all Jews and all barbers.”

“Barbers? Why barbers?” asked the boss.

“See, even you, boss!”

You go on carrying your ideas and you go on projecting them. You will find ways to invent. You cannot remain with a vague fear; you want it to be solid, tangible.

The insecurity is there because you have not been brought up with a right approach towards life, you have not been given any insight into the truth of insecurity. You have been simply made afraid. You have not been trained, disciplined for adventure. You have been told to remain within the boundaries and never to go beyond the boundaries.

A person who lives within the boundaries defined by others.of course they are defined by others because a child cannot define his own boundaries. Parents define boundaries out of their fear - their parents have done the same to them; now they are doing the same to their children. This is how from one generation to another the diseases go on being transferred.

Each child hates the parents but pretends to love them. I can understand why he hates them, because the parents are poisoning him. He feels it in his guts, that they are destroying something tremendously significant. They are destroying his very life! - but they are destroying it for his own sake. He cannot even revolt because he is so helpless.

It was thought in the past that the proletariat is the most exploited class; that was not true. Later on we found it is not the proletariat but the world of women which is the most exploited world. But now we are discovering even that is not true. The most exploited class and the most helpless is the class of small children. The child is so dependent on the parents. He has to listen to them;; he cannot say no. Inside his being he says no; in his bones, in his blood, in his marrow he says no. But on the surface he has to go on saying yes just to survive. So he accepts the boundaries.

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