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Chapter 7: Aes Dhammo Sanantano

And I don’t tell you to drop the ego, because if you drop the ego then the dropper will become the ego. I don’t say become humble, because if you become humble then behind the facade of humbleness there will be a very subtle ego hiding.

So my devices are different. I say dance to abandon, sing, play music! Do whatsoever you like doing and move into it so totally that nothing is left behind. When nothing is left behind, the ego dissolves of its own accord.

That’s the meaning of nirvana: you have blown the candle out, suddenly it is not there. Then whatsoever is, is divine.

The ego is human; egolessness is divine.

The ego is hell; egolessness is paradise.

The second question:

Can I ever be happy with my wife?

It is almost impossible. Nothing is wrong with your wife, but the very institution of marriage is ugly, the very institution is anti-love. It is based on denying love a chance to flower within you. Marriage is an invention of those who don’t want the earth to be full of flowers of love.

Love is dangerous to the establishment, the most dangerous thing, because if people are loving then this society is doomed. This society depends on hatred, not on love. Our whole politics and our whole so-called religions are based on hatred. Nations are divided - for what? The earth is one, what is the need for nations? India and Pakistan and Afghanistan.what is the need for nations? Can’t humanity live together? Why all these boundaries? These boundaries are needed by the politicians.

Without the boundaries the politicians will disappear; without the boundaries there will be no politics. These boundaries create the whole game, and these boundaries are just big prisons. You don’t feel as if you are imprisoned because the prison is so big you cannot see it. But try to cross over the boundary from India to Pakistan, or from Pakistan to India, and then you will see that it was all nonsense to think of yourself as free. You cannot go beyond the boundary: you need a passport, a visa, a permit, a this and that. Then suddenly you become aware that the prison was so big that you were not aware of its walls - but there are walls all around you.

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