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Chapter 19: Rabbis and Rubbish!

You cannot kill such a man. The master remained the same as he was - but the king changed. He could see the point: that it is anger, it is hatred which open the doors of hell. Hell is not some place somewhere; it is your psychology, it is your mind - a certain conditioning.

He put the sword back into the sheath and the master said, “This is where the doors of heaven open. You have understood. Now you can go.”

These are not physical things, not geographical places, just your mind. When you go beyond the mind.and only from the beyond can you see your mind exactly, how it looks, what garbage you have been gathering in it. Have you made a hell or a heaven out of your mind? It is up to you to change it or not to change it. I don’t think anybody is not going to clean it completely, clean it of all rubbish.

I am not brainwashing anybody. Everybody is washing his own brains - and everybody has to wash his own brain. The washing gives you such freshness, such newness, such perceptiveness, such clarity about things - about your relationships, about yourself and the world - that it is not a loss, it is an immense gain. People on the outside may be thinking that I am brainwashing people; they should come here and see that I am not brainwashing anybody. I don’t wash even my own clothes.poor Chetana has to do it.

And I have one million sannyasins; how can I manage to brainwash so many people? And there is no need when you can do the job perfectly well. I simply show you the way to get out of your mind and then everything else is left up to you. If you are some kind of a psychological hippie and don’t want to wash your brain, it is up to you. Then live in the hell, in the stinking brain that the society has given to you. But that is going to be your decision; it has nothing to do with me.

There is no surrender here; there is no brainwashing here. My connection with my people is purely of love, of heart, and of absolute equality. I am not superior to anybody. Only inferior people pretend to be superior. Only people who are suffering from an inferiority complex manage in some way to be superior, so that they can forget their inferiority, and they can show to the world that they are not inferior people.

I don’t have any inferiority complex; hence I don’t need to be superior. I am simply an ordinary human being. To me, just to be ordinary is such a relief that only idiots would like to be extraordinary. To be extraordinary is such a tension, an anxiety, a worry, and you have to continuously keep your extraordinariness. It is a competitive game; somebody else may prove more extraordinary than you. Then what are you going to do? It is a continuous nightmare.

Just to be ordinary is immense relaxation and tremendous peace - no competition with anybody, no fear from anybody. Nobody can take away my ordinariness from me.

Extraordinariness can be taken away; somebody else can prove himself more extraordinary. I am absolutely non-ambitious, non-competitive, and that’s my teaching to my people.

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