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Chapter 2: The Real Difficulty Is to Be With Me

The mediocre people create much fuss and fervor, misinterpreting the loving, silent, soft and meditating sannyasins as brainwashed. What do you say about this state of affairs?

In fact, tell those mediocre people that it is not only a brainwash, it is a mindwash - far deeper, from the very roots. Brainwashing is just pruning the leaves, which will come again. In fact, if you cut one leaf, three leaves will replace it. The tree is not going to be defeated so soon.

Tell them, “It is a mindwash. And you are on the right path; whatever you are saying is right, but not the total truth, only a fragment. The total truth is, that we have decided to drop the mind completely because the mind has given nothing but misery, suffering, torture and nightmares. You can have it.

“You can see our people - they are simple, they are innocent, they are rejoicing, they are loving. If brainwashing can give you this much, it is worth it. What is wrong in it?”

And tell them, “Our master does not stop at brainwashing because that is just superficial. He wants to destroy the mind completely and make us no-minds. That’s what he calls meditation.

“But what is the problem for you? You remain happy in your misery, you remain happy in your suffering, you remain happy in all your tortures that you are giving to yourself and others. Why can’t you leave a few people who don’t want to be miserable and who want to rejoice in life?”

In fact, we should learn to face the mediocre people exactly on their own ground. They say it is mindwashing, they say it is brainwashing. Tell them, “It is. Why are you waiting - not being washed? It is absolutely dry cleaning. What have you got to save? For what are you afraid?”

Take them - whatever they say, take them at their own word. If they say it is hypnosis, accept that it is. “But what is wrong in it? You are not happy, you are not rejoicing in your life. You are suffering. You are waiting for a paradise after death - we have found it here. And if you want to label it as hypnosis, we have no objection. But it is worth it. Come and try! Perhaps you may also like the taste.

“We have tried both: your life we have lived and we know it is hell; and our life, which you call hypnosis, we have also lived. We choose hypnosis against hell.”

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