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Chapter 13: The Science of the Esoteric

The fact is that the skull of a person who attains to sahasrar breaks open at the moment of death. His vital energy escapes from that point. Now in the foolishness of hoping that the life breath of our beloved one will pass through the sahasrar, we have been following the tradition of breaking the skull at cremation. This is quite meaningless because the man’s life breath has already escaped through another center. However, one who at the moment of his death has attained the highest state of consciousness, a hole appears on his forehead because the life breath escapes from that point. Ever since people came to notice this fact, they have been breaking skulls at the cremation ground - affectionately, in the hope that this way the vital breath of their dead beloveds may leave through that center, although actually the person is dead, the vital breath is already out.

The center of our life is the same from where our vital breath departs. That’s why on touching this center the subtle body returns immediately. Although this center is different in each individual, ninety out of a hundred people will have sex as their center, because the whole world is obsessed with sex. So if you are unable to figure out, touching the sex center will do. If that doesn’t work, then most probably it is the agya chakra, the third eye, because with people who are very intelligent or who use their intellect a great deal, their sex energy turns into intelligence. If both centers fail, then one should touch the heart center. Those who are neither very sexual nor very intelligent are emotional people.

These three are the common centers. Then there are some uncommon centers too, but there are very few uncommon people with such centers. By touching these common centers.

In exercising this touch, a few things need to be taken into account. If a particular center is predominantly active in the person who is applying the touch, then it creates an unusual situation. For example, if a person whose agya chakra is active were to touch somebody’s heart center, it will have very little effect. The whole thing has a science of its own.

Hence, it is always dangerous to practice these experiments on one’s own - experiencing the seven bodies, out of the body experience, and so on. A school, an ashram where there are people who understand the whole system, who can be of some assistance - is the place appropriate for conducting such experiments. That’s why in the tradition of monks who decided to remain parivrajakas, wandering monks, the seven chakras, the seven bodies all disappeared.because a wandering monk cannot make use of them. Monks who are continuously on the move, roaming around, never staying at one place, can’t experiment much in these areas. Therefore, great experiments in these fields were carried out only in the monasteries and the ashrams.

For example, there is a monastery in Europe where no man has ever entered. The monastery is about fourteen hundred years old. Only nuns reside in it. Once a woman is admitted she can never come out of it. Her name is struck from the citizens’ list; she becomes as good as dead. The world becomes meaningless to her, she no longer exists for the world.

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