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Chapter 9: The Song of Love

This has to be understood: the part can never be the whole alone. What to say about the part? - even the whole cannot be the whole alone! He will need the part; without the part the whole will not be so rich. Just think: God without existence. It will be just emptiness, a wasteland. Think of God without trees and without rivers and without oceans; think of God without man and birds and animals; think of God without the sun and the moon and the stars, and it will be just a wasteland, a desert.

The East says: God is as much in need as we are; we depend on each other, we are members of each other, we are together. To know this togetherness is to know what love is. To know this unity, this immense unity, is to know what love is all about.

When you fall in love with a woman or with a man, what do you come to know? What is love? In a very tiny way, you come to feel that you are not separate. In a very, very small way, on a small scale, you start feeling that you are meant for each other, that one is not whole without the other, that the other is a must, that the other is part of your soul and your being, that the other is not outside you. Somehow he is inside you, yet outside; and you are inside him, and yet outside. Lovers penetrate into each other. It is not only a sexual metaphor; the penetration is spiritual, the sexual is only a shadow of it.

Lovers penetrate into each other. Their boundaries are blurred, they become nebulous, their definitions become shaky. When living with a woman or with a man for many years, and suddenly the woman dies or the man dies, the pain that is felt, the suffering, the agony that is felt by the partner who is left behind is not only because somebody has died. It is because now he will never be whole. It is because now a part of his being is destroyed completely, utterly. Now there will exist a black hole in his being, an abyss, an emptiness. When a lover dies, something deep inside you dies too. You had become so together; your life was no longer separate, it was overlapping. You were in two bodies, but you had become one soul - that is the meaning of love.

When the same happens with the whole of existence - that you start feeling that you are not separate, your boundaries overlap; not only do your boundaries overlap, your centers overlap; that your center is the center of the world too, that the center of the world is your center too - in that ecstasy of oneness is the fragrance called love.

The flute of the infinite is played without ceasing,
and its sound is love.

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