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Chapter 10: Seeing Double

You have a small touch, a small contact somewhere, uprooted, but still one root seems to be there in the reality. But that root is very fragile; any moment it can be broken, any accident - the wife dies, the husband escapes, you become bankrupt in the market - and that fragile root is broken. Then you go on wandering and wandering; then there is no coming back, then you never touch reality. This is the state of the madman, and the normal man is different only in degree.

And what is the state of a buddha, an enlightened man, a man of Tao, of understanding, awareness? He is deeply rooted in reality, he never wanders from it - just the opposite of a madman.

You are in the middle. From that middle either you can move towards being a madman or you can move towards being a buddha. It is up to you. Don’t give much energy to thoughts, that’s suicidal; you are poisoning yourself. Whenever thinking starts, if it is unnecessary - and ninety-nine percent of it is unnecessary - immediately bring yourself back to reality. Anything will help: even the touch of the chair you are sitting on, or the touch of the bed you are lying on. Feel the touch - it is more real than your thoughts about God, it is more godly than your thoughts about God because it is a real thing.

Touch it, feel the touch, be the touch, be here and now. You are eating? - taste the food well, the flavor. Smell it well, chew it well - you are chewing reality! Don’t go wandering in thoughts. You are taking a bath? - enjoy it! The shower is falling on you? - feel it! Become more and more a feeling center rather than a thinking center.

And yes, the Way is right before your eyes. But feeling is not allowed much. The society brings you up as a thinking being not as a feeling being, because feeling is unpredictable; no one knows where it will lead, and society cannot leave you on your own. It gives you thoughts: all the schools, colleges and universities exist as centers to train you for thinking, to verbalize more. The more words you have, the more talented you are thought; the more articulate you are with words and words, the more educated you are thought. It will be difficult, because thirty, forty, fifty, sixty years of training.but the sooner you begin the better. Bring yourself back to reality.

That is the meaning of all sensitivity groups. In the West they have become a focal point and all those who are interested in consciousness, extension of consciousness, have to be interested in sensitivity groups, in training to be more sensitive. And you need not go anywhere to learn it, the whole of life is sensitivity. Twenty-four hours a day the reality is just before you, around you - it surrounds you; you breathe it in, you eat it. Whatsoever you do you have to do with reality.

But the mind moves far away. There exists a gap between your being and your mind - they are not together, the mind is somewhere else. You have to be here in reality because when you eat you have to eat real bread; thinking about bread won’t help. When you take a bath you have to take a real bath; thinking about it is of no use. When you breathe you have to breathe real air; just thinking about it won’t do. Reality surrounds you from everywhere, is bumping you from all sides - wherever you go you encounter it.

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