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Chapter 26: Enlightenment Is You Completely Gone

Thrown out of that beautiful space, he gets his first experience of the world. The doctor hangs him upside down, and hits him on his buttocks. A strange reception! And the child has no idea what is going to happen now. He is so small, everybody is so big. And this nazi behavior of the doctors.. Something better can be found. It is barbarous - of course it is done with all good intentions.

The doctor does it for two reasons. One, he hangs him upside down so any mucus that is inside his breathing passage comes out. Because he has not been breathing in his mother’s womb, there is mucus filling the tube that he has to use now. But in a scientific age we can find a better way to take the mucus out; it should not be done the way it is done. We have vacuum cleaners. Can’t we manage some vacuum cleaner for the poor child that takes out the mucus?

And secondly, as the child is born, the cord that joins him with his mother’s womb is immediately cut. It is a shock, the greatest shock of your life, to be cut from your life source. You will have many shocks in the future, life will give you many troubles; but the child - who has known no shock, no trouble - is really hurt. It is almost murderous to cut the cord that joins him with the mother.

But the doctor does it with all good intentions - because if the cord is not cut the child may not learn how to breathe. But that is not a fact; the doctors have been in an unnecessary hurry. If the child is left on the mother’s belly - he was inside the belly for nine months - if he is left again on the mother’s belly.just two minutes are needed. But to the doctor even two minutes seem to be too long. And he has to deliver many other children; it is simply his profession.

Just after two minutes, resting on his mother’s belly, the child starts breathing on his own. A little patience.. but who is patient? And after the child has started breathing on his own, then you can cut the cord and it will not be a shock. He has become an individual on his own.

The child should be given birth to in a very dim light - soft, soothing. And as soon as the child is able to breath on his own, the first thing should be to put him in a hot water tub because he has been, in his mother’s womb, floating in warm water that is constituted of exactly the same chemicals as sea water.

So man has come millions of years away from his first ancestors who were born in the ocean, but basically nothing has changed. Every child is born in the ocean even now. And women who have known pregnancy will be aware that when they are pregnant, suddenly they start hankering to eat salty things, because the child needs water as salty as the ocean.

So just a small, warm, salt-water bath, and the child will not feel shocked, will not feel expelled. The story of Adam and Eve will become absurd. The child will feel welcomed, entering a vast world of exploration. He will feel freedom from a confined space. And that kind of child will not be desirous of any paradise; his life will be a paradise. He will not hanker for and desire something after death because he lost something at birth which can be attained again only after death.

Why do your religions say that paradise is after death? It is simple - because your paradise was before birth. It is appealing, logical.

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