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Chapter 24: Condensed into Two Words: Let Go

He was not even breathing by himself. It was the mother’s breath that he was getting his oxygen from. He was being nourished by the mother. He had not even dreamed.He was not yet a separate entity. He was just like the hand of the mother or the leg of the mother, just part and parcel. His life was dependent on the mother’s life, he was sharing it.

The moment of birth is a great trauma, because the child naturally feels afraid, worried. He cannot think that it is going to be a birth into a bigger world, into a vast universe, that miracles are waiting for him. He can only conceive birth as a death. Just think about the child coming out of the mother’s womb. He cannot conceive that he is going into authentic, individual existence, that he is moving into a vaster universe. For nine months he has known a certain life and he is being taken away from it. He cannot conceive life as something that is going to happen. He can conceive it only as a death compared to what has been happening for nine months. He is freaking completely. He does not want to come out.

That’s why there is such a struggle and it takes the mother so much time. The child does not want to come out of the womb. He clings with absolute force. His life is being destroyed. He does not know what is happening, who is throwing him out of his home. It is the child who is creating all the pain for the mother because he is resisting coming out. But he has to come out. He cannot live forever in his mother’s womb.

Except for one exceptional story, in the whole of history there is no incidence where somebody has lived longer than ten months at the most in the mother’s womb. Just one man lived there for eighty-four years. His name was Lao Tzu. He is a strange man. You cannot predict a man like Lao Tzu, what he will do. For eighty-four years he lived in his mother’s womb. And when he was born he was already so old, all his hairs white, a long beard, and the strangest thing.he came out laughing. From the very start he behaved in a way that nobody has ever done. Nobody has even tried.

This story about Lao Tzu cannot be historical, because you have to think about the mother too. Carrying a child for eighty-four years, the mother would have been dead long before.

The scientific fact is that every human child is born incomplete. Many other animals are born complete. That’s why they become immediately independent from the mother, from the father, and soon they have moved on their own way. They don’t create a family. A family is the need of the helpless child. A family is not created by man and woman, the family is created by the helplessness of the child. The child is not complete.

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