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Chapter 1: One Boat, Two Travelers

Only the weak are afraid to pray. A weak person is not even courageous enough to ask. Even in front of the divine, from which everything can be received, he stands as if he has everything. Even at the door of the divine he keeps his vanity intact and goes away hiding his begging bowl behind him for fear that it might be seen.

But the one who knows also knows that the knowing is not a static phenomenon. It is not a limited happening like a pond. Knowing is like a river continuously flowing - nonstop. Knowing goes on endlessly growing - it goes on and on. This is the grace of wisdom, that it has no end. If wisdom had an end, it would become dead. The flower of wisdom goes on blooming forever. Just understand it like this: that more and more petals go on opening, and the moment never arrives when its flowering is complete. The bud of wisdom doesn’t bloom and fade, it remains always a bud, flowering. No matter how much it flowers, it still remains a bud.

May we hold no envy.

On this journey towards wisdom, why is it necessary to say that we should not envy anyone? Between the point where this sutra started and the point where it reaches, this appears to be irrelevant, sudden and abrupt. This is a search for truth. The journey is unknown. Brilliance of intelligence is needed and wisdom is also needed, an awakened consciousness is needed.that is all okay; the master and the disciple should endeavor together.that is okay. But then suddenly the master says: May we hold no envy. What is its relevance? Why is it mentioned? Why is he saying not to envy anyone? Try to understand it.

The statements of a sage are never irrelevant, even if they appear to be so. It may look as if the sage has taken a jump from one place to another, and with no link in between. There are many occasions in the Upanishads where it appears as if the sutra started from one idea and concluded somewhere else; there is no link in between, no relationship. Even then don’t jump to conclusions, because the sages, the seers, know some inner link which is invisible to you, they are aware of bridges which are invisible to you. They know some inner relevance which has not penetrated your intelligence even today.

May we hold no envy.

In fact when a man begins to search for something he is motivated by his envy of the other, by his jealousy of the other. Even in the search for truth one can be jealous of the other. The desire for knowledge can also be based in jealousy and competition with the other.

A friend of mine came to me eight days ago and he said, “I am in great anguish and anxiety: How can I achieve God?”