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Chapter 3: Heart Is the Soil - Trust Is the Climate

That’s the sign which Avirbhava makes to me. Whenever I want to say something to her, either she screams to stop me, or she makes this sign.

Slowly, slowly people accepted that Mahakashyap was a little bit crazy.but a very silent and beautiful person. He was a prince, had left his kingdom. He just came to see Gautam Buddha and never went back. He never even asked for initiation. He simply touched Gautam Buddha’s feet, tears rolled down from his eyes and he said to Gautam Buddha, “I am grateful that you initiated me.”

Those who were present said, “This is strange, he has taken everything upon himself. He has touched the feet, he has cried and now he is thanking Gautam Buddha: ‘I am thankful and grateful that you have initiated me.’”

And since then there had been no communication, verbally at least, between Mahakashyap and Gautam Buddha.

But this day - it must have been after ten years - he laughed and people became aware that he was still here. People had started forgetting. A person who remains for ten years without making any noise, naturally, is taken for granted. Just as the tree was taken for granted, he was also taken for granted.

But his sudden burst of laughter.

Gautam Buddha called him close and gave him the rose. And he told the other ten thousand disciples, “What I can give you in words I have given to you. And what I cannot give in words I am transferring to Mahakashyap.”

Thus began a strange transference of the innermost experience of truth from the master to the disciple. Mahakashyap never wrote anything and Mahakashyap never did anything. It is not known how he initiated people. The man was not only strange, his methods were also strange.

Before dying he gave his robe to a person to whom he had never spoken a single word. And the person touched the feet of Mahakashyap and again the same story.the tears of joy and gratitude and thankfulness. And the man said, “You were a great master; you have given me a great responsibility, but I promise you that I will fulfill it with my total heart.” This man became the second patriarch of Zen Buddhism. And because Mahakashyap gave his robe, this became the form of choosing the successor. For all these twenty-five centuries Zen masters have chosen their successors by just giving them their bowl, their robe.

It is called the transmission of the light, the opening of the mystic rose.

You are asking, “In what soil and in which climate might one find the mystic rose?”

Your heart is the soil.

Your trust is the climate.

And your being is the mystic rose - its opening, blossoming, releasing its fragrance.

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