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Chapter 14: Each Step Needs Different Kind of People

Would Australia be one of those communes? It’s often been mentioned that perhaps you might go out there if you couldn’t stay in America any longer.

No, Australia is not a very great commune yet. Germany will be my place if I go. Switzerland will be my place. Holland will be my place if I go. These three places I have the best communes who can manage for my health everything. Australia is new.

Sheela’s not sort of setting up the way for you, is she? Sheela’s not there sort of setting up the communes and helping.?

She cannot even enter a commune. She is hiding in a forest.

Has anybody offered to make a movie of the last few months’ events here? Have you had any approaches from Hollywood?

Nobody has offered. You can manage if you want. Okay?

Pam Abramson from Newsweek.

Good evening.

I’ve spent about a week here last year and came away truly feeling the buddhafield, and my publication ended up writing a rather negative piece about the commune anyway. And, as it turns out, our negative piece sort of made this place look like romper room compared with what was really going on here.
I just don’t know why we should believe what you’re saying right now, not necessarily about Sheela but about your not knowing what was going on. After all you’re the enlightened one.

There is no reason to believe in me.