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Chapter 29: Become an Unlimited Being

There is no barrier between man and paradise. But the priest wants people to be poor, because only the poor need him. It is a simple business ideology. The politician wants people poor, because only the poor can be conditioned. They are illiterate, uneducated, and they are in so much suffering that any hope and they are ready to buy it. It may be God, it may be communism, it may be revolution - something in the future, faraway - the poor are ready to buy it.

The politicians have been selling hope for thousands of years, the priests have been selling hope. And it is really strange that after such a long time, they are still doing good business. Man seems to be fast asleep, without looking at the whole strategy. The priests and the politicians have to disappear from the earth. Only then the new man - rich, comfortable, skillful, creative - can come into being.

So it is the Brazilians’ duty to kill God - he must be there. It is the duty of all the poor people of the world to kill God. The rich people would like him to survive. For the rich people God is a beautiful investment, because God creates a buffer between the rich and the poor. And because of that buffer the rich are protected. Remove the buffer and the rich and all their exploitation will be exposed. And then no priest can go on befooling the poor in the name of God, in the name of fate, in the name of the law of action, past lives. All kinds of things have been invented just to keep the poor poor, ready to be sucked by all kinds of parasites.

And the poor man has lived in poverty for so long that he has become accustomed to it. He accepts it as his life. He does not know what life is, so he cannot think that he is missing something. To miss something, first you have to have it.

And that’s the function of my communes. In every country, I want my communes to live as richly, abundantly, joyously, contented - without God, without heaven, without hell, without politicians, without priests - and prove to the world that people can live without all this nonsense! And they are living far more beautifully than anybody else.

Nobody on the earth is singing a song of joy. Nobody on the earth is in a state to dance. We have to create these oases in the whole desert of the earth, so people can at least see the possibility. They can also be part of this ecstasy, this pilgrimage.

At first they will be hostile, because it hurts the ego to see that others have attained and you have failed. So the first reaction is that the others are pretending; their laughter is just made-up, their joy, their dance is just show business. But how long can you befool yourself by finding such explanations? People cannot go on working for twelve hours, fourteen hours a day, and still be able to laugh, enjoy, dance, love. Sooner or later, the outside people are bound to be attracted to our communes. Our communes have to finally become a kind of university where we teach not three R’s, but three L’s: love, life, laughter.

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