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Chapter 2: Happy People Are Dangerous

Then freedom happens. And only in freedom is there consciousness, only in freedom is there godliness. Godliness is total freedom. If you live moment to moment - not knowing where you are going, not knowing from where you are coming - if the past is irrelevant and the future also and only the present has any relevance, any reality, you go beyond being Jewish.

Everybody is born a Jew. Rarely, very rarely, somebody dies and dies not as a Jew. That is a rare blessing. Just by calling yourselves Christians nothing is changed. Only labels change. The container changes but the content remains the same.

Jesus has failed, but not because his revolution was not worthy of success. Jesus has failed because his revolution was too much for you; it was beyond you. Just to look that far away, that high, is impossible. Your eyes are fixed on the earth; you have completely forgotten the sky. And because you have forgotten the sky, you have forgotten that you have wings. Looking down, groping in the darkness of the earth, you have become creepers, like a snake. You are no longer birds, birds of heaven.

Jesus failed because you are so deep in unconsciousness. And Jesus will go on failing. His very effort is such that success is almost impossible. As far as society is concerned, he may never succeed. Only with individuals is success possible.

Hence, all those who have known.. Ask the awakened: Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Zarathustra. You will always find their insistence is on the individual. They know well that at the most you can expect a few individuals to rise high. The greater part of humanity will do everything it can to save its bondage, to remain secure in its imprisonment, to remain comfortable and live somehow - dragging life as a burden - and die somehow. The greater mass will not listen, will not understand, will not try to transform themselves. Religion is individual.

And religion has no names. Whenever somebody becomes religious, immediately he is no longer a Hindu, a Mohammedan, a Christian. He is simply religious. It is an understanding: it is a different kind of knowing, a different way of seeing. And when you see differently, you see a different reality. The reality depends on your eyes. If your eyes change, the reality changes.

If you are calculating you will never be able to know more than matter because calculation has its limitations. If you are too arithmetical you will never be able to know that which is beauty, that which is good, that which is true. You will never be able to know, because calculation cannot lead to that.

How can you know a beautiful flower by being arithmetical? You can count the petals, but you will miss the beauty. You can count the parts, but you will miss the whole. And you are certain to miss the beauty which surrounds the flower, which exists like a climate around the flower but cannot be caught hold of by counting the petals. You have to forget counting, you have to forget the mind that counts.

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