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Chapter 3: Flight from the Shadow

If you say, “When these conditions are fulfilled then I will be blissful,” then these conditions are never going to be fulfilled. And secondly, even if these conditions are fulfilled, by that time you will have lost the very capacity to celebrate and enjoy. And moreover, when these conditions are fulfilled - if ever, because they cannot be fulfilled - your mind will create further ideals.

This is how you have been missing life for lives together. You create an ideal and then you want to be that ideal; then you feel condemned and inferior. Because of your dreaming mind your reality is condemned. Dreams have been disturbing you.

I tell you just the opposite: Be like gods this very moment. Let there be anger, let there be sex, let there be greed - you celebrate life, and by and by you will feel more celebration, less anger; more blissfulness, less greed; more joy, less sex. Then you have hit upon the right path. It is not otherwise. When a person can celebrate life in its totality, all that is wrong disappears; but if you try first to make arrangements for the wrong to disappear, it never disappears. It is just like fighting with darkness. Your house is filled with darkness and you ask, “How can I light a candle? Be-fore I light a candle this darkness has to be thrown out.”

This is what you have been doing. You say that first greed must go then there will be samadhi, ecstasy. You are foolish! You are saying that first the darkness must go then you can light a candle - as if darkness can hinder you! Darkness is a nonentity, it is nothing, it has no solidity to it. It is just an absence, not a presence; it is just the absence of light. Light the light and darkness disappears. Celebrate, become a blissful flame, and all that is wrong disappears. Anger, greed, sex, or whatsoever else you name, are not solid; they are just the absence of a blissful, ecstatic life.

Because you cannot enjoy, you are angry - it is not that somebody creates your anger. Because you cannot enjoy, you are in so much misery, that is why you are angry. Others are only excuses. Because you cannot celebrate, love cannot happen to you - hence sex. That is settling for shadows. And then the mind says: “First destroy these and then there will be the descendence of God.” It is one of the most patent stupidities of humanity, the most ancient. And it follows everybody.

It is difficult for you to think that at this very moment you are gods, but I ask you: What is lacking? What is missing? You are alive, breathing, conscious - what else do you need? This very moment be like gods. Even if you feel that it is just an ‘as if’, don’t bother. Even if you feel “I am just presuming that I am like a god,” presume, don’t bother. Start with the ‘as if’, and soon the reality will follow, because in reality you are. And once you start existing as a god, all misery, all confusion, all darkness disappears. Become a light, and this becoming has no conditions to be fulfilled.

Now I will enter this beautiful parable:

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