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Chapter 9: Session 9

I also remembered Mikhail Naimy’s book The Book of Mirdad. That book is just unbelievable. I feel jealous of only one man, Mikhail Naimy. Jealous not in the ordinary sense, because I cannot feel jealous in that sense; jealous in the sense that he has written it already, otherwise I would write it. I would have written it.it is of the same heights I am flying to.

From these heights I can see the whole existence as a play, as celebration, meaninglessly beautiful.just a celebration without any reason or rhyme, without any meaning. Yes, that’s what I would like you to know too. People celebrate Christmas; they should celebrate all the year round. To celebrate only once in a while simply shows that your life is not a life of celebration, it is not a joy.

Everyone can go mad except me because I am already mad. I have been mad for almost one-fourth of a century, and if you all help me I may make the century. I can make it.not on my own; on my own I am just Humpty Dumpty, but if you all help me I can make the century very easily. My father lived seventy-five years; my father’s father, eighty; my father’s father’s father, ninety. Why can’t I beat them in this race? If you all put your energies together you can help a buddha make millions of buddhas in the world. I am mad; otherwise just to think of one buddha is enough, and I always think of millions of buddhas. Less than that is not enough. I always think big. We have to create millions of buddhas, only then a New Man can be born. Only then can we make Christians disappear and christs appear. The beginning of the buddhas will be the death of the Buddhists.

I am a beginning and also an end.

I am an end.end in the sense that after me there can be no Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Mohammedanism. After me there is no possibility of any ideology. With me ends the old and begins the new, the New Man. Man with no ideology, no religion, no philosophy, no concept to live, but only a joy to live, a celebration.

This is the place spoken of in Jonathan Livingston Seagull, spoken of by Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet. It is so tremendously beautiful I would like to dance.so beautiful. I would like to be a Baul again. Yes, in one of my lives - not in this life of course - I was a Baul, a mad singer playing an ektara.

You have never been here, but I know you can go a little further. How do I know? I am a con-man. You cannot con me. I have conned so many con-men.

Even when I can no longer hear a man, I can hear a woman. This is strange but it is so.because as you go higher the male is left behind, but the female is heard; in fact can be heard only then. Before that who hears a woman? Who hears a wife? That is one of the reasons why I have chosen the women to lead my whole organization, and not the man. I am a man and it would have been logical to choose other men, as it has always been done. Lao Tzu chose Chuang Tzu to be his successor. Chuang Tzu was beautiful, I have nothing against him..

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