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Chapter 15: Life, Love, Laughter

Hence I wanted him to hang around a little more. Last night he managed - he crossed the boundary of doing to non-doing. That “something” that was still in him, dropped. Now he is ready, now we can say good-bye to him, now we can celebrate, now we can give him a send-off. Give him an ecstatic bon voyage! Let him go with your dance, with your song.

When I went to see him, this is what transpired between me and him. I waited by his side with closed eyes - he was immensely happy. The body was not at all usable anymore. The surgeons, the neurosurgeons and the other doctors were worried; they were asking again and again, inquiring what I was up to, why I wanted him to be in the body, because there seemed to be no point - even if he somehow managed to survive, his brain would never be able to function rightly. And I would not like him to be in that state. It is better that he goes.

And they were worried about why I wanted him to go on breathing artificially. Even his heart stopped once in a while, and then had to be artificially stimulated again. His kidneys began to fail yesterday, his skull has been drilled - there was such a great swelling inside.

But he managed beautifully: before it could happen he used this life for the ultimate flowering. Just a little bit had remained; last night even that disappeared.

So when last night I told him, “Vimalkirti, now you can go into the beyond with all my blessings,” he almost shouted in joy, “Farrr out!” I told him, “Not that long!”

And I told him a story.

The crow came up to the frog and said, “There is going to be a big party in heaven!”

The frog opened his big mouth and said, “Farrr out!”

The crow went on, “There will be great food and drinks.”

And the frog replied, “Farrr out!”

“And there will be beautiful women, and the Rolling Stones will be playing!”

The frog opened his mouth even wider and cried, “Farrr out!”

Then the crow added, “But anyone who has a big mouth won’t be allowed in!”

The frog pursed his lips tightly together and mumbled, “Poor alligator. He will be disappointed!”

Vimalkirti is perfectly beautiful. He will not need to come back again in the body; he is going awakened, he is going in the state of buddhahood.

So you all have to rejoice, dance and sing and celebrate. You have to learn how to celebrate life and how to celebrate death. Life is really not as great as death can be - but death can be great only if one achieves the fourth state, turiya.

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