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Chapter 24: Condensed into Two Words: Let Go

In fact a child needs at least four years in the mother’s womb. But the mother cannot manage that long, a four-year-old child in the womb. Even nine months is too much. It is just the infinite compassion and love of a woman that there are children in the world. If it were the other way round, that the man was going to become pregnant, you could take it for granted that no child would be born in the world. The man is so impatient. Nine months! Carrying such a load which goes on growing inside you.You cannot eat, you cannot drink, you are throwing up because there is no space inside you: the child is growing and taking all the space.

It is only because of the patience of a woman that humanity exists. But beyond nine months even the woman is not capable. Scientific understanding is that the child, every child, is a kind of abortion, even the natural birth. The child is born incomplete. That’s why for four years at least he will need absolute support - and that is the minimum I am talking about. The actual fact is that a child often needs the support of the family for up to twenty-five years. Until he comes from the university with a PhD, he is dependent. He is still somehow part of the womb.

But the first moment of every child’s birth is a tremendous experience for the child. He is expecting to die. He is almost certain that it is going to happen. His life is being destroyed by unknown forces. Why is he being thrown out of his house? He has not known any other kind of life. The only life he knows is in the womb. He thinks he is going to die, but suddenly finds that instead of death, birth has happened. Instead of dying, for the first time he has become alive. The womb was only a preparation. It was not his life. It was just preparing him so that he could move into life.

The womb was just like a nursery where plants are prepared and then they move into gardens the moment they are strong enough to face the sun, the wind, the rain, and all kinds of problems and responsibilities of existence. The moment the experience of death turns into its opposite, the experience of life, the child has his first amazement which is never transcended unless he is born again in a spiritual sense.

The mother’s womb was one preparation. The master’s womb is another preparation. The energy field of the master is the womb. And you are being prepared to die to the past, to die to your personality that you have known as yourself and to enter into a new quality of life which you have not even dreamed of. So when you enter into this new life, it brings great amazement. You cannot believe it. But you are right: in a way you know it, in a way you don’t know it. You know it because your first birth had something similar in it. This is the same phenomenon on a higher level. The master is your death and he is also your resurrection.

Passing through the master you are going to enter into a life which is eternal. No mother can give you an eternal life. She can give you only a mortal life, the life of the body which is going to die sooner or later. In fact it starts dying from the very first moment. It takes it seventy, eighty or a hundred years to reach the grave, but it goes on moving towards the grave. You think that on each birthday you are celebrating life? You are wrong. Each birthday you are celebrating death. Each birthday means one year has slipped by. You are more dead than you have been, and you are coming closer to the grave. The queue is becoming smaller and smaller.

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