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Chapter 5: The Pure Mind

It happened:

Mulla Nasruddin caught a very, very big fish in the river. A crowd gathered, because nobody had ever seen such a big fish. Mulla Nasruddin looked at the fish, couldn’t believe that it was possible - such a big fish! With bulging eyes he moved around the fish, but still couldn’t believe it. He touched the fish, but still couldn’t believe it, because he had heard about such a big fish only in fishermen’s tall tales. The crowd was also standing there with unbelieving eyes. Then Mulla Nasruddin said, “Please help me to throw this fish back into the river. It is no fish, it is a lie.”

Anything is true if it fits with your past experience. If it doesn’t fit, it is a lie. You cannot believe in godliness because it doesn’t fit with your past experience. You cannot believe in meditation because you have always lived in the market and you only know the reality of the market, of the calculating mind, of the business mind. You don’t know anything about celebration - pure, simple, for no reason at all, uncaused. If you have lived in a scientist’s world, you cannot believe that there can be anything spontaneous because the scientist lives in the world of cause and effect. Everything is caused; nothing is spontaneous. So when the scientist hears that something is possible which is spontaneous - when we say spontaneous we mean that it has no cause, suddenly out of the blue - the scientist cannot believe it. He will say, “It is no fish at all, it is a lie. Throw it back into the river.”

But those who have worked in the inner world know that there are phenomena which are uncaused. Not only that, that they know this: they know that the whole of existence is uncaused. It is a different, totally different world from the scientific mind.

Whatsoever you see, even before you have seen it, the interpretation has entered. I continuously watch people; I am talking to them - if it fits, they have not even said anything, they have given me an inner nod, “Yes.” They are saying: “Right.” If it doesn’t fit with their attitudes, they have not said anything but the no is written on their face. Deep down they have started saying, “No, it is not true.”

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