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Chapter 24: Sex and Death: Two Poles of One Energy

Death and sex remind me of one spider found in Africa, where death and sex come very close to each other. In man there is a distance of seventy years, eighty years; but in that particular species of spider there is no distance. The male spider makes love only once in his life. While he is making love, the moment he comes to an orgasmic state, the female starts eating him. But he is in such an euphoria, he does not care that he is being eaten. By the time his orgasm is finished, he is also finished.

Death and sex are so close.but whether they are close or distant - they are not different energies. So one can feel them arising together.

It is good to see them together, it is a great understanding - because people don’t see it. People are almost blind, they never connect death with sex. Perhaps it is an unconscious fear that prevents them connecting the two, because if they start connecting death with sex they may become afraid of sex itself - and that is dangerous for its biological purpose. It is better for biology that they don’t connect them.

It has been noted that whenever people are beheaded - there are still a few countries where this happens - the strangest thing observed is: the moment the man is beheaded, he ejaculates - without exception.

It is strange, because while his neck is being broken, is this the time to ejaculate? But it is not within his capacity.. When death is happening to him, when life is leaving him, it is natural that his sexual energy also leaves. It was part of the whole phenomenon. There is no point in it remaining in his body.

The question is significant. It does not mean that you are going to die. It simply means your sexual energy is coming to its highest peak; hence you are feeling death also. It would not be felt if the sexual energy was being released.

Whoever has asked the question must not be making love. Energy is accumulating, coming to such intensity that it is automatic to remember death. Death, if you die consciously, brings you the greatest orgasm you have ever had in your life.

It is meaningful to understand why religions have been against sex, for many reasons. Basically the idea was that if you can remain celibate you can prolong your life as long as you want. That idea is still present.

Mahatma Gandhi in India became celibate - he was nearabout forty - because he wanted to live up to the age of a hundred and twenty-five to fight the freedom struggle and to bring it to a conclusion. That was the reason to go into celibacy - to prolong life.

There is a possibility that if by some scientific means a man’s sexual energy is absorbed in his own body, the body will go on renewing, rejuvenating itself for a long time. But ordinarily these so-called celibates are not celibate. The energy is released in some way or other. Even at the age of seventy, Mahatma Gandhi was having nocturnal emissions. And he died with the idea that he had failed in being totally celibate, that’s why he was dying before the time he had decided.

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