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Chapter 8: The Great Palace of Consciousness

But the repression is natural if you have some ideal. Any ideal will do. If you have the ideal of being a celibate man, a brahmachari, then sex becomes the problem. You can watch it, if you don’t have the ideal of becoming a brahmachari, a celibate, then sex is not rejected. Then there is no division between you and your sexuality. Then there is communion and that communion brings joy. Self-communion is the base of all joy.

So the second thing to remember is don’t carry ideals. Just think if you have the ideal that you have to have three eyes. The problem immediately arises because you have only two eyes, and the ideal says you have to have three eyes. If you don’t have three something is missing. Now you hanker for the third. You have created an impossible problem for yourself. It will not be solved. At the most you can paint a third eye on your forehead. But the painted third eye is just a painted third eye; it is hypocrisy.

Ideals create hypocrisy in people. And now see the absurdity, people have the ideal of not being hypocrites, and hypocrisy comes through ideals. If all ideals disappear, there will be no hypocrisy. How can hypocrisy exist? It is the shadow of the ideal. The bigger the ideal, the bigger the hypocrisy. Hence, in India you will find more hypocrites than anywhere in the world because India has lived for centuries with great ideals. Strange, berserk ideals..

For example, a Jaina muni cannot be satisfied unless he is capable, like the mythological Mahavira, to eat only once in a while. It is said that in twelve years time Mahavira ate for only one year. That means once after twelve days - one day eating and twelve days fasting. Now if this is your ideal you are going to remain in great misery. If this is not your ideal then there is no problem.

See it - the problem arises from the ideal. Now a Christian monk is not puzzled by this; he has no problem about it. But the Jaina monk is continuously suffering because he cannot attain to the ideal; he falls short. If you are really pure - that is the Jaina idea - your body will not perspire. Now you have a stupid idea there. The body will continue to perspire, and you will continue to suffer.

The more ideals you have, the more will be your suffering and the more will be your hypocrisy because if you cannot fulfill the ideals then at least you can pretend. That’s how hypocrisy comes in.

The world will not be hypocritical at all if we accept experiential facts without any judgment. Whatsoever is, is. If we live with the is-ness of existence and not with the oughts and the shoulds, how can hypocrisy arise?

Just the other day, somebody has asked, “Osho, are not you a hypocrite? Because you live comfortably, you live in a beautiful house, you drive a beautiful car, you live like a king.”

Now, he does not understand what the word hypocrisy means. This is my whole teaching - to live as beautifully as possible. I am not a hypocrite. In fact I am living the way I am teaching. If I was teaching to live in poverty and I was living in a palace, that would be hypocrisy. But I am not teaching to live in poverty. Poverty is not my goal.

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