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Chapter 11: The Dewdrop Has Disappeared into the Ocean

Then there is communion.

Then there is that transfer which no word can manage to communicate.

In that immense silence between two utterly absent but fully alert beings, there transpires the most exquisite, ecstatic experience of life.

You have come back home.

You talked of Shiva, who was infatuated so much with his woman that when she died he carried her dead body on his shoulder for twelve years. Is it the same Shiva who was known as the enlightened one, who gave one hundred and twelve techniques for enlightenment? Can there be any positive meaning of carrying the dead body too?

Yes, there is great meaning. And it is the same Shiva who has given one hundred and twelve methods of meditation to the world.

It is very rare that a man exhausts the whole of science single-handedly. Shiva is one of those geniuses. As far as meditation is concerned, in these thousands of years nothing has been added to those one hundred and twelve methods. They are exhaustive.

Shiva has taken note of every possibility. He has not left any corner, any space, any dimension in which you can discover a new method. Certainly no other genius in the whole humanity can be compared to this strange man.

But the story must be confusing you. His wife, Parvati, dies; he loved her immensely. I would like to go step by step into the story and to explain all the implications of it. They mean much to you and to humanity today.

First, Shiva was not celibate. And a man who was not celibate discovered all the techniques of meditation. What is the implication?

The implication is that celibacy has nothing to do with meditation - that in fact the so-called celibate saints and monks have not contributed anything to human wisdom, human intelligence, to beauty, to richness, to music, to dance. No, not in any dimension have your celibate monks and nuns been contributors. They have been a burden on the earth. The only thing they have contributed is AIDS. And it is a very natural consequence.

Life arises out of sex, life consists of sex. You can grow your sex to such a refinement that it can become love, it can become compassion. But if you block the very energy of sex by celibacy, you have destroyed all possibilities of your growth. You are now moving towards death. If sex is life, then celibacy is death. This is a simple logic.

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